Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I Want To Pump You Up!

I am addicted to fitness and health blogs. I love to read blogs in bed and compare my diet to friends. With the summer fast approaching I am getting itchy to sweat and build muscle and get back on track. So I have been looking for some motivation, and I have dropped some lbs in the passed month so I am eager to drop a few more. 

I have gotten my diet back on track I am eating a more 80/20 Paleo Clean diet and I am feeling much better! I am getting more adventurous in the kitchen and trying new recipes and new foods. 

Some of my favorite foods lately!
Carrots N Cake's No Bake Vanilla Cake Batter Bars!

These guys are so yummy and so stupid easy to make and you can eat them in about an hour. Mike loves them too and he typically doesn't like my healthy bake goods. He much rather prefers the fatty kinds!

I love these much better than typical Rice Krispy treats because they satisfy my sweet tooth and don't leave me wanting more than one. They also have some good healthy fats in them versus just a boat load of sugar!

Van's Gluten Free Waffles w/ Peanut Butter or Nutella

The texture of tehse takes a little getting used to and I still prefer the 2 ingredient pancake, but this is a good option too. With a lil peanut butter or some nutella this is a super easy and quick breakfast and perfect for in the car. So if I am running late I just throw these in the toaster and I am ready to go!

I am all about these guys. I know I know I should make my own spice and slow cooker sauces. I get it but sometimes I just need a quick dinner and these things are great the ingredient list isn't that bad and I always pair it with a ton of veggies and Whole Foods meat of some kind.

I need to buy another one for a beef recipe later this week!

Thanks Rick Bayless!

What are some of your favorite foods lately?


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Staying Strong

One year ago today the Boston Marathon was tainted with fear and the City of Boston was shaken. No sporting event and even an event like the Boston Marathon where so many come to do good should ever be shaken by fear.

Today as the city reflects and the families mourn and remember loved ones, and those that lost limbs strive to gain an inch of their life and freedom back I sit here angry.

I wasn't there that day, but I planned to be. My plans changed last minute and I stayed home and spent the day with my pup. After a year, the city of Boston can't be stronger yet there are still so many people out there testing the waters and forgetting what it all really means.

This year, since it's the first year back the City is on edge and people are nervous. Not only did the bombers take 4 lives in total but they also took a piece of our confidence. We all chant Boston Strong and we will show up next Monday but we will all keep our eyes open a bit more and hold on tighter to the ones we love? We are worried, excited, and strong.

As I hear on the news about the plans for the marathon I am saddened because things have changed and will be forever changed. No longer can the men and women of the military use the coveted Boston Marathon as there Ruck route. Why does this bother me? I remember seeing my college ROTC running in the race and my friend and I cheered so loud and with such pride! It is nice to see the men the women of our country complete a feat that is remarkable and on such a fun and glorious day! There are other trails and other places to Ruck but to me that hurts.

To hear people argue about the right to a bag search along the route or even at the finish line. The simple fact that people think they have the right to act like its such a horrible thing for a 5 second look into a bag while walking down Boyleston Street, but will wait in a twenty minute line to have there bag searched at a Sox game.

After a year I am hopeful that we will gain our confidence back and I am looking forward to seeing it in a week. I have met people from all over the US, during the weekend of the Marathon. I am honored to live in this City and I will be there. Cheering on the survivors, the veteran runners, the first timers, the young, the old, the elite and the amateur.

Stay Strong Boston!


Monday, April 14, 2014

Why I am a Homeowner!

Who needs a gym, or a fitness class, or personal trainer? My gym is my house! All the yard work that I do is whipping me into shape! 

My Yardwork WOD consisted of: 
Raking All of front yard and half the back (Arms/Cardio)
Cleaning out all the flower beds (squats)
Picking up leaves and putting them into leaf bags (squats)
Carrying Leaf bags from back to the front (Arms/OHS squat/cardio)
Removing Pallets and Leaves from under bushes (squats/arms) 

My body felt wrecked last night but I feel great today and I want to do more!!! 

He enjoyed the gorgeous weather on Sunday while Mike and I tackled the leaves and dead grass! We are done with removal and we are super ready to start to see growth and enjoy our plush back yard! 

It's been a busy weekend between Twirling and Yardwork! 

I am looking forward to planting some flowers later this week and also seeing some new grass grow!!! That brown muddy stuff needs to go away!! 

I am starting Barre this week! I am ready to get my body ready for the beach! Let's do this!!!  

How was your weekend? 


Friday, April 11, 2014

Work Day Eats

So Wondering what I eat when I am at work all day long? Here you go!!! You can be healthy at work... This is what I do.


I always eat breakfast! Sometimes I eat at home and when I am rushed in the morning I bring it with me!
Here are some of the Breakfasts that I eat.
Coconut Yogurt with Udi's Gluten Free Yogurt!
Fried Eggs with Homemade Hashbrowns and some kind of Meat
Peanut and Banana with Coffee and Water

So obviously some days are easier and more filling than others. On days when I eat a full egg and protein breakfast is usually when I'll be eating a late lunch or dont really have a good lunch option so I fill up in the beginning of the day.

Lunch is usually leftovers for me or I will grab a salad, and sometimes I eat an omlette at work. 
This was today's Lunch Leftover Steak and Mashed Potatoes! MmM
I don't usually snack at my desk. If I have candy or chips I will just keep eating so I don't eat I drink... Water that is. I wrote on my water bottle to make me conscious about drinking lots of water and I find I usually get through two bottles a day!!! I also try and walk around a bit to get my legs moving!
This is a cool tip if you forget to drink. It gives you a goal. 
What do you guys eat at work? Do you have a drawer full of treats? Do you sit too much, or have a standing workspace?


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Eats Around Here

I am sorry that I have been really bad at posting but I will be better I promise!!! So here are some of the eats that I have been having around here. All in the hopes of staying healthy and dropping some extra LBs before the summer!

I have been having my usual peanut butter and banana with Tea and water. 

MmM this was a good one I put Top Round roast in the slow cooker with Broccoli and Rice. 

We had a burger bar the other night!
Burger and Onion Rings with our Burger Bar!

And this is another go-to for breakfast! Gluten free granola with coconut yogurt!

I have really been testing out some new recipes and I am in love with Udi's Gluten Free Granola. I added it to the So Delicious yogurt and OMG home run... It is perfect and gives you a little extra staying power with the Granola!

So that is what is going on around here! What is new with you guys?


Monday, March 17, 2014

Top O' the Morning to Ya!

MmM Irish Coffee!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I am back at it and have been busy getting the house in order and getting ready for Mikes Birthday and St. Patricks Day! 

We had a full house for dinner last night!!! Some new faces and others old. It was a great meal and they are every last bite!

Mike and I sat at the couples corner aka the kitchen counter! We were a bit tight for space... But it all worked out!

This was our outdoor cooler my friends got pretty resourceful with the snow!!!!

My little Leprechaun!!!!

And of course my Irish Outfit complete with Jersey hair and Green eyes!!!!

Go grab a pint of Guiness and a piece of corned beef or Irish Soda Bread and turn to your neighbor and say Slainte!!!


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Happy Irish Loving Month!!!

Every month is Irish loving month to me! I really love being Irish and I am proud and love and use a lot of products straight from the Island! 

Last night Mike and I had some Guinness and some Guiness shakes. It was all so good! 

I love Guinness and Mike knows the way to my heart!!! 

March is one of the best months because it's the month of St. Paddys Day and it's also the month of Mikes Bday (shhh don't tell him I said that) 

So grab a Guinness or a sniffing glass of Jameson (thanks Paul) and a few buddies and enjoy one of the best months of the year! Slainte!