Friday, June 29, 2012

I'm Packing Paleo

So we are going down to RI today to go camping with Mike's family. I went to Whole Foods ( which I love) and I got a ton of fruits, and Bacon and beef jerky and all the fixings for Banana Boats... I never made them before but they look good and like the perfect snack for sitting around the campfire :) I am also bringing out trusty grill pan so I can make eggs and bacon on the campfire... This is gonna be great!!!

I feel like we are taking more than we need for this weekend trip but that's what happens when you take a pup in tow. Hopefully Ace does well in the camper and we get a decent nights sleep tonight!!! I'll post pics of my banana boats and the recipe later once I perfect it. Stay Tuned.

Do you have any questions or tips for this chick who eats paleo? Ask me anything in the comment section below :) And don't forget to subscribe to my blog!


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Paleo Challenge Accepted!!!

So I have been eating terrible but this week I decided I'm going to shape up... so I have been sticking to it...This week has been crazy Mike got sick with Lyme Disease so dinner was on me and clean up and Ace alot of work. But I did it all, Mon we had Steak Tips and sweet potato fries :) Sooo yummy, Tuesday was puppy class and I came home n made Swordfish Kabobs they were on sale 6.99 a pound... and then last night we had Steak and Coleslaw. Yeah I know wow she eats alot of red meat, YUP I had a burger for lunch yesterday with some co workers that came with mushrooms, onions lettuce and Tomato, I omitted the bun and got a side salad instead of fries. Today they ordered in lunch, I got a salad with chicken and avocado in it... We are off to a friends for dinner tonight and we will eat Paleo. Our friends pretty much have accepted our eating habits and pretty much make meals around it. My rule of thumb and the best way I can explain it, if your going to your friends either make them aware of your eating, ask what the meal is going to be, or simply bring a salad and fresh veggies so if there is nothing paleo you can at least munch on that. Just make sure you bring enough for the whole party, its rude to bring back up food, and is insulting to the chef.

Another idea is to eat right before or even on the way and just have a small plate of food. So instead of filling your plate take a small portion or even a dessert plate and just explain your watching your figure. :) I have people over more often rather than going to a friends because I control the meal and know that it will always be Paleo Perfect :)


Monday, June 25, 2012

I Feel Sick...

So... I have allowed myself to cheat here n there and have a treat. Well I need to get firmly back on the Paleo wagon for my stomach will thank me for it. Over the weekend I indulged in some toast at a yummy breakfast place, along with a latte, and then Ice Cream as dessert. Yikes I went over board, well not really but I paid for it on Saturday night. I need to plant my feet firmly on the ground and avoid all food that are not Paleo friendly. I never thought I had any food allergies or intolerance before. I always thought that if I felt sick after eating it was because of how much I ate not what I was eating. So I have decided after a little test that I am from now on living Paleo and following it to a T.

I want to cut more weight and the only way I can do that is through my diet and getting my butt out there to exercise. So I was a bad girl this passed weekend but I am looking to the future no sense is wallowing in guilt.


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lazy Lunches

So lunch is the hardest meal for me to plan for and eat when I am on the go and trying to be strict Paleo. First thought for most is grab a salad, but after a while that can get boring. So I have a few tips for how to eat Paleo for lunch and some Lazy Lunch ideas when you don't have time to prepare a full meal.

So for the last few weeks I have been bringing my lunch, usually left overs or a salad. I always try and pack more than I want to eat to curb hunger and cravings since the Cafe is close and not terribly priced. I always bring a banana or apple to much on either for breakfast or for after lunch.

Lately I have been packing my lunch in the morning so its a quick few handfuls of salad mix either romaine mix or a spinach and dark green mix, and I also take about half a package of Applegate Salami. That stuff is awesome. I can eat a whole pack with out even trying. I try and fill my lunch with equal protien to veggies. and then a small container of dressing in this case light Ranch, not fully Paleo but its fine once in a while...

Other options for lunch are leftovers for dinner, I am not too good at cooking more than I want to eat for dinner. Usually I am so hungry around dinner time that I make food and eat pretty much all of it, or Mike will eat more protien or polish off the veggies leaving some left over but not enough for a lunch. So I usually fall short for taking left overs for lunch. I am working on  a plan where I can make more Paleo cassaroles and double the recipes so that I can take them to work and have salad only once or twice a week.

Another thing that I have done, is ill fry up some crispy bacon at night or in the morning and stick some in my lunch bag as a salty treat with lunch. Or add it to my salad for some extra flavor.

When I forget my lunch or there is nothing in the house to bring then I have no choice but mosey down to the Cafe and try and avoid the temptation that lurks around every corner. I usually will grab a salad if the Paleo options are non existant. A good stand by is to order the chicken breast sandwich and then ask for it without the bun and an extra piece of lettuce. Sometimes they have an entree like roast pork loin with Asparagus and roasted sweet potatoes. This was one of my favs, Corned Beef sliced on a bed of lettuce with Coleslaw and extra pickles.  

Salad mix of Spinach Arugula and Carrots with AppleGate Salami and Dressing on the Side :)

Usually you get the strange looks and odd questions when you start customizing in the sandwich line but I just feel like its my turn to have it my way right. You can always order a sandwich and then omit the bread when your at your desk but thats just a waste of food. So I try and leave it in its place.



Paleo, pregnancies and puppies :)

So big things are happening Ace is getting so big and we are loving every minute of puppy time, A dear
friend of ours is pregnant so we are extremely excited to have a new baby to spoil and we are moving.
Thats right we are renting a house with Mike's brother and his girl friend. We haven't signed the lease yet but
everything is moving right along and we should sign tonight. Being Paleo can be difficult with friends
but they also eat Paleo so living with them will be a breeze. They might actually keep us on track and
keep us strict on our Paleo :) Sometimes I need it.

I need to find a better way to stick with this and while I miss my box Crossfit New England I can't
afford a memebership right now. So I am determined to come up with a work out plan to stay in shape,
cut more fat and gain more muscle :). I am hoping that our new room mates can help me stay in shape and
help me create a plan to get back in the gym, or even just working out at home.

Finally things are starting to fall into place once again. I have had the itch to try new recipes and
get back in the kitchen. Now that I am settling into my job and we have the house thing pretty much
figure out I want to work on eating differnt things and having more options for BLD ( breakfast, lunch
dinner). Right now I pretty much pull a protien outta the freezer thaw it in my sink full of water while I am
at work, then I either grill it or roast it along with a bag of frozen veggies.. Quick easy and fills me
up. Leaving more time for the puppy and other things. I am eager to get back in the kitchen and try
out some new recipes. My sweet tooth has been aching alot lately so I am looking forward to trying out some new
Paleo desserts that I can make and use as a treat. I also want to perfect some recipes and desserts that
are Paleo so when I go home in a few weeks I can tempt my family with my delicous and guilt free food
and also try and stay on track. Going home to Jersey has resulted in binge weekend.

Monday, June 18, 2012

I can't drink my tea without sugar....

Many people when they see how much weight I lost they are shocked and want to jump on bored the Paleo Love Train. Then I tell them what they can't eat ( Bread, Processed foods, Sugar, Grains, Pasta, Rice ETC) and they look at me like I have four heads. Yes you can't look and feel fabulous like me while you stuff your face with pasta and bread. But there are easy tips and tricks to be Paleo or as I like to call it Kinda Paleo. Paleo is high in protien, some people can't adopt high protien diets therefore here come my quick fixes and tips, I always ask well what do you eat and drink? First off if you drink soda diet or not switch it out with water, or even seltzer water. Add lime and lemon for more flavor or even home brewed Iced Tea but nix the sugar. Second alot of people will eat fruit, apples, oranges, pinapple, and notice a spike in weight gain or no loss. Those fruits are high in natural sugars, so while its better than a bag of chips, its still not gonna help with weight loss. You need to eat more veggies, Peppers, onions, broccoli, green lafy veggies like Kale, all of them with help you loose weight and stay full. Try and eat berries like raspberries and blueberries a hnndful at a time and stick to one sugary fruit a day. If you can avoid fruits altogether for a week or two try that and avoid grains while your at it. Small changes like this can help to lead to better choices and in the end its all about moderation.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Points vs. Smart Eating Choices and never having to count calories again!

So your out at dinner and your trying to count your potatoes as one point, green beans as three and so on and so fourth. Or you have a quick handy guide or an app on your phone that keeps track of your daily caloric intake. But that is just crazy, don't reach for those lean cuisines or fancy over priced meals by mail. Paleo is simple and easy and anyone who can fry an egg can eat Paleo. So you wanna loose a few pounds, ditch the sandwiches and breads and pastries and eat steak and chicken breast and veggies. If protein is your issue or your vegetarian eat plenty of salads, veggies cooked and raw eat plenty of nuts and take your vitamins. Eating Paleo is simple, just take away the starch and make life easy. If you must eat a carb then limit yourself to one a day or one a week. Indulge in your favorite sandwich but load up on the veggies and meats and forgo the chips and cookies. I hate feeling like I am on a diet and that I cant eat what I want when I want. Try and limit the sweets and take out Sugar all together and if you must eat carbs then cut our dairy entirely, No cheese, no milk, no yogurt. Do Paleo for a month and see how much better you look and feel. Stay tuned for my upcoming recipes  and eating out guide!

Traveling, Dogs, Parties and more

So the summer has started and so has graduation parties family gatherings and the tendancy to eat out. Mike and I went to his parents house last weekend. We both have been craving burgers and I found a groupon for Red Robin, they have very yummy burgers and will cater to the paleo lifestyle and serve you your burger with some great lettuce, however Mike and I wanted the whole experience so we indulged in the bun. We did ask for sweet potato fries instead of the regular delicious steak fries. We also had fresh brewed unsweetened Iced Tea. The grad party we attended have not so Paleo food. I grazed on a few plates of salad, had a burger and hot dog without the bun. The meat probably wasn't grassfed and the Hot Dog a Paleo no-no was a bad idea but hey a girls gotta eat. I had a small sampling of the potato salad and I like my own version better. Mike and I are getting to the point where we are happy how we look and would be happier with more muscle and less fat, but we allow ourselves a few indugences now and then. We still shy away from carbs and bread and still follow the mantra of eating the best of the best. Ace is keeping us active and on the GO all the time, He is steadily gaining weight and growing so fast. We have him on a strict Paleo diet and it shows through when he eat food he really should stay away from. But he is happy and healthy and thats what makes us happy. I still cook very strict paleo and I am working on creating an easy Paleo Cookbook that mirrors your traditional dinners. I also am working on a guide of how to deal with eating at other people's houses when on Paleo strict or not. Stay tuned and ask away about anything, Me, Ace, Paleo!


Thursday, June 7, 2012

On The Go

So this week has been super busy, with work and watching our family members Paleo Pup Ripley
I have been struggling with finding a balance and staying strict on my diet. I am at a point where I allow for some little flubs now and then but I am trying to stay as strict as possible. Monday I brought my lunch, a perfectly packed salad with a good 20 slices of salami to munch on. I also brought my coffee which I guzzled on my ride in. Tues I ate at the cafeteria, I got a salad, with lots of veggies and some dressing on the side. Wednesday, I got into work early so I stopped off at Dunkin and got a Medium iced coffee... then for lunch I ordered a sandwich in  a lettuce wrap. I had an event in Boston and was offered a free Bud Light, so I had my free beer then as the night went on I decided to move onto a glass of red wine, which is Paleo in moderation. After the even I was starving and the only thing close was a Subway, so unfortunately I had a six inch sub and I loaded it up with lots of veggies, yes I ate the bread but I needed something quick to eat. In retrospect I would have rather just gone home. Today I stopped for coffee and had a lettuce wrapped sandwich for lunch. We still havent decided whats for dinner yet. I really need to organize my "food life" and once I finally figure out how to do that I'll let you know. In the mean time eat smart and have fun!


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Paleo and the Summer Time BBQ's

So this can be challenging, On memorial day we spent the day outside by the pool with friends, I was in charge of food. Being Paleo I tried to think of what to make that everyone would want to eat and what would be good BBQ food that wouldn’t be considered healthy. The challenge, Me and my boyfriend (Mike) eat paleo and my one friend is vegetarian. So I had to come up with a grain free and meat free meal. I decided burgers were out since we couldn’t enjoy the buns and temptation would be to difficult. Plus Mike wanted Bratwurst so I was trying to think of something that would go well with that. I decided on chicken drumsticks and thighs. I marinated them in a dry rub and brought BBQ sauce in case the others choose to slather some on. So I had the main course figured out but what about sides? Pasta Salad nope, Baked Beans nope, Corn… seriously why bother. I decided we needed to load up on veggies but make it easy enough that we didn’t need to cook anything inside. I wanted to cook it all on the grill, so I bought onions, peppers, and zucchini and made kabobs. I figured that they could grill on the grill and be easy enough to eat. I also made cole slaw, it has very little sugar in it and I figured it would satisfy my craving for typical BBQ foods plus it goes great with anything on the grill. I also made an oil and vinegar based pasta salad for my friend that is meat free, and a veggie burger in a bun.

I made the exception and catered my friends, you can eat Paleo and have a little cheat, I look at it like this staying true to Paleo is great 5 or 6 days a week, but allowing your self a little now and then will make you feel like your not missing anything. I allowed a lil sugar in my coleslaw but I didn’t scarf down a bag or two of chips and dip like I would have before Paleo. And I had a couple beers, but I didn’t chug the brew and refill and practically drink my weight in beer, I had a few and then switched to the homemade tea with fresh lemon that I brought with me.

If you need and want to change your diet then adapt Paleo and just try and live life with out grains eat more of the good stuff and when you cheat make it smart. That’s all for now kids. Stay tuned for more…