Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Addicted to Running?

The Boys on the Deck, While I'm at Work
Check out Ace's butt... look at that lil Honky Tonk Badonkadonk he definately will be partaking in a run or two this week. Gotta tone that up!  
                          (P.S. the hott chick is my friend Leah and that song is one of her favs and I think of her every time I hear it. Both her and I were blessed with HTB's ourselves! Love ya Beah Butt)
Me at Work... Wishing I was on the Deck
So I have decided that I am addicted to the idea and the concept of running. The feeling afterwards when your huffing and puffing and you realize you just ran and therefore can justify eating ice cream or sipping a beer. I have wanted to run since yesterdays run. I have been planning out paths to run and calculating how long each run will be.

But when I know I am lacing up my sneaks and walking out the door I hear " dun dun dun, dun dun, dun dun" (insert creepy music) and I am dreading that moment when I start to run. On my previous sprint workout, I went balls to the wall run like crazy leave the ipod at home kinda run. I think my longer off street sessions will require some tunes though...

I'm super pumped for tonight. I'm playing tennis tonight, a friendly game where I'll run and sprint and dive for balls and whip out my sweet serve. I miss tennis, I kinda wanna join a league.

I went to Whole Foods last night and stocked up on yummy foods like SO Delicious yogurt, which I will be enjoying as part of my afternoon snack. I am trying to keep it packed tightly away until I can't wait any longer so it fills me until after tennis and dinner time which will be much later tonight.

Looks so yummy and how cute is that spoon!

Hurt So Good

"I ain't talkin' no big deals I ain't made no plans myselfI ain't talkin' no high heelsMaybe we could walk around All day long Walk around All day long...Hurt so good"
Gosh I Love John Cougar Mellencamp, but really who doesn’t? Needless to say my muscles are sore, I am sore, the soreness of my soreness is sore… Anyways, I LOVE that feeling when you work out and you’re so incredibly sore you feel great knowing you accomplished something. I always feel like an 80 year old woman when I get up in the morning and I am so stiff I can barely move, but once you stretch and wake up those muscles that familiar feeling of your abs aching and your hamstrings tingling make me want to throw around some weights or run a few more sprints.

I am bummed that I can no longer afford Crossfit, but I LOVE that I am super close to Whole Foods. I know what your thinking “um Ash Whole Foods is expensive and crazy why shop there?” Well all you readers, first of all I do my research and I only buy things on sale at Whole Foods. So when meats are on sale, like $2.99 a pound for Pork Sausage from the meat department… I buy that sh*t. Or Salmon burgers for 5.99 a pound, yep that’s got my name on it. I buy the BOGO strawberries and leave the 7.99 blueberries, maybe next week. I always shop around and look for the best deals. This is win-win because I get all the benefits of good for me yummy foods, and it keeps my waistline trim.

Fun Fact: Buying organic foods and grass fed beef at specialty markets is cheaper than your typical grocery store. Specialty stores like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s only buy from local farmers and food that is less processed and commercialized. Sorry mom… any NJ readers, tell your Shoprite’s to carry more local foods and support local farms! My mom knows that I am crazy and so she is looking to carry more and more of the foods I eat. I believe for two reasons, so she has food to feed me when I come home and also so she can compete with my stores up here in Mass.
I am happy though that I can use other ways of fitness to stay in shape… Tonight after work I am going to play tennis. YEAH BUDDY I am so EXCITED! I love playing tennis its so much fun. I am also going to try really hard to exercise with my pup. Spend lots of quality time, taking him on hikes and on long walks, runs, and just getting exercise with him. So that’s my plan and I am sticking to it!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Monday, July 30, 2012

I'm Hard to Love

Hey kiddos, Happy Monday!!! So the room mates have moved in, and the crazy has officially begun. Ace and Rip have gotten in 3 fights so far, all started by Ace Face and all over food. We have tons of training to do but I am glad I get to work on that now rather than later on in Life.

Happy New Home Renters!
 This weekend was a bit crazy and a bit fun. Friday we spent all day moving Dan and Meg in and that was fun and very uneventful. We got alot unpacked but stilll so much more to do. I am hoping to get it mostly done this week. Hoping.

Caution: Not Paleo!!!
So I thought living with Dan and Meg meant no sugar no junk foods and only drinking water... Well Friday night we polished off some Ben and Jerry's and a few yummy Norcal Margaritas. Yeah lets just say we wasted no time breaking in our new deck and Patio furniture. Although now I have 15 million bug bites which means you could play connect the dots on my left and right ankles. I also went into Boston on Saturday for lunch with friends and a casual fun walk in the rain. Yep in the rain. When we went in it was overcast but gorgeous out, we walked from Fenway to Newbury street, in the hopes of getting cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcakes the place from DC Cupcakes, the one with the show on TLC. Needless to say I got soaked but it was worth it. I got a salted Caramel cupcake and it was bomb!

After a weekend of unsensible eating and the though of feeling sick I decided to wake up at 5:15am and do some running... For those of you who know me I loathe running. Probably because I don't breathe right, its not fun, and I usually fall since I am a Major Clutz. I have been reading a few running blogs however and they inspired me to give it a try ( Hungry Runner Girl, GM Runs ) Check them out they rock...

Ace Face! Loves his new Home!!!
So I started by running down the hill towards the end of my street. Then sprinted as far and as fast as I could three or four times. (Oh and my street is on  a hill.)  Running and walking back down the hill to catch my breath. I did this about three or four times and then I went inside and attempted 10 hand release pushups and 30 squats… I say attempted because Ace Face kept trying to eat my bun while doing pushups and then also jumped on me during my squats. So needless to say I am sore this morning but feeling great! Hoping I can keep this momentum up!

Got any running tips for me let me know! I could always use some good advice.


Friday, July 27, 2012

From Farm to Family!

Since starting Paleo I have really taken a look at the food industry and have adopted the motto if you can't kill it or grow it then don't eat it. Well I just watched a movie called Food Inc. While some of it made me cringe, cry, and flat out gasp. I have realized that the more people who eat Paleo will live longer and healthier lives and we will  get back to the world as it was started.
Moo Cow!

I know a lot of people don't want to know where there food comes from, I on the other hand was curious and after watching this movie I truely know why I buy Grass Fed Beef and Free Range Chicken. Even if you buy this meat over the regularly processed meats in the store for one reason alone, buy grass fed and free range for the Local Farmers and the Workers in those factories. The poor nature of how they treat the workers in those Cattle Factories is appalling.  Its the year 2012 and its basically legal Slavery. I know a lot of vegetarians would say, See this is why I don't eat meat.

If you watch however how locally grown farmers treat there crops and there cattle you will understand why I still want to eat a burger or a juicy steak. It’s just how life is, cows are on the earth to live eat and be on our dinner table at some point. The big difference here is the Humane way of how the cow gets from farm to table. If you feed it natural foods like grass, and you let it live its life the normal way, and keep the area it lives in clean then you would have produced happy and healthy cows. Which results in happy and healthy consumers.

Did you know that humans actually created E-Coli one of the most common forms of food borne illnesses that has caused millions of deaths over the years. Did you also know that E-coli comes from feeding cows Corn, the most overused and over processed grain in this country. Yep pretty scary, I bet you that if you took a look in your pantry right now everything in it would contain corn in some form.

Now I know I am probably a little over board on my views of food and where it comes from. I started buying TRULY organic and grass fed and free range a few months ago. I eat more veggies and fruit then ever before, the sad part is, its more expensive to buy fresh good food than it is to buy processed crap. Which is funny, to think a bottle of Soda can cost 1.00 on sale most times of the year, but a head of broccoli costs anywhere from 1.30 to 2.99 on sale when in season. The ironic part here is that you need to do much less work to get the broccoli from farm to table. Yes you need to plant it, take care of it, Harvest and ship, but for the soda you need to grow the corn… yes I said grow the corn. There is corn syrup in soda, so grow the corn create the mixture of modified sugars and flavorings, bottle, package, and ship. Tons more ingredients and processing goes into that one bottle of soda versus the head of broccoli. Yet the soda is cheaper than the fresh veggie. Weird huh?

Ok enough of my lecturing for the day how about a recipe!

Chicken Salad Stuffed Tomato Balls!

4 Tomatoes
Leftover Chicken
Garlic Powder
Onion Powder
5 Stalks of Diced Celery
1.5 cups of Paleo Mayo

Shred the Chicken in a bowl. Add the diced Celery garlic powder and onion powder to taste. Then Mix in your paleo mayo. Stir to combine. 
 Take your tomatoes and cut off a slice removing the top and core. 
Then Cut in half, and take a spoon to remove all the insides (the best part) of the tomato. 
 ( you can save the inside or discard it) 
Then once you have nice clean tomato shells fill with chicken salad place the top half back on and Voila! You have an easy and quick Lunch or a yummy snack.

* Fill cherry or roma tomatoes, for an appetizer or a great snack at a bar-be-que!! Enjoy

Hehehe He fell over!

MmM... notice my cute new Cutting Board. Thanks Mom!

Yummy thats what I call Lunch!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Move Updates :)

Yay sooo We took the Grill out and had our very first dinner using it :) I made steak tips and a mound of Mushrooms for me and a mound of Peppers for Mike.... Sorry I forgot to take pics...

We're cooking with gas!!!
This is our grill though.... Mike and his roommates bought it in college and on move out day no one wanted it. It needed some TLC, some new screws, a new grate and some cleaning and now its AWESOME and it fits conveniently on our back deck.

So I know the beer isn't Paleo but it was what was left after moving and having the best friends and family in the world so we finished it off.. Now our new home is Totally Paleo!!!

Last night I did a ton of unpacking and decorating and the place looks great! I also bought the largest nails in the world so when we eventually move out in a year or two we will have some holes to fill but thats ok! :)

I'll Post pics of the new pad as soon as possible. Dan and Meg move in this Friday I can't wait to see our awesome decorating skills collide and make a freaking great looking house!!!

Whats your least Favorite part of moving? Packing or Unpacking?


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Blog Love!!!

If you out there reading really want more Paleo babble hop on over to my blog friend at the Frisky Lemon and sign up for her FREE Teleclass and learn all about Paleo!! She has done it once before and got some great feedback.

She has a pretty cool blog and the most mouthwatering food I have ever seen if her recipes don't make you want to go Paleo I don't know what would. But if you have any questions keep them coming. I would love to help those looking to make the choice to go Paleo or even help ya figure out if Paleo is for you!!!

Now back to me... I am currently looking for a gym... I WANT NEED to go back to Crossfit but I would like to make some money this year and save up for a permanent House of my own and a wedding some day...if mike will just pop the question, I love ya hunny :)

Anywho Got a question? Ask away?


It's a Family Affair!

So yep it's happened my family is gonna try Paleo. After my ramblings of how great I feel and how trim I have become. Some of my family is trying Paleo to reap health benefits and reverse or stop disease, others simply by force since they just eat what is cooked.

I am really happy my family is going to try and get healthier. Even if you don't believe in Paleo its important to live a healthy lifestyle and to be aware of what you eat and how you exercise. I have been freaking out a little ok a lot about my birthday coming up... It's exactly 2 months from this Friday and I am going to be... umm.... 25!?!? Now I know that I am sooo young and have so much ahead of me, BUT its crazy that I am reaching what I like to call a milestone. I surround myself with friends much younger than me... ok they aren't all that much younger but hey Emily one of my Bestest friends she is going to turn 24 a whole two days after I turn 25... that's just crazy I tell ya... I hardly get carded anymore :(

So this one is going to be short and sweet….

I want to hear from you and find out why you’re thinking of going Paleo?

What are your biggest concerns?

Do you think, what the heck is coconut flour and what do you do with it?

 What do you think you will miss the most?

If you have any questions ask away! New to my blog… I am still waiting for someone WIN a free Headband… All ya have to do is cook a Paleo meal from either Paleomg or from one of my recipes and post it in the comments below and you win a FREE headband. ( In either Black or Blue your choice)
C’mon people I’m talking a free headband just for making dinner :) Good Luck! First one to post Wins!


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Paleo Fad... Diet?

Yuck that title makes me cringe.... Like really cringe, A long time ago when I started this whole thing I looked at Paleo as a diet. I thought my love of Pasta would never be broken and that once I got to the right weight I would be happy and could eat like I used to. BUT thats how I keep getting fat?

My entire life I have been skinny and fat. I wasn't born with awesome genetics and can eat anything I want with minimal exercise (cough, cough Amanda). Nope I was born with the luck that if you eat that ice cream the size of your head your ass will grow and so will your love handles, ( which no one loves) and that muffin top will forever keep popping out whilst jean companies keep making the jeans smaller and tighter... Whats up with that anyways? Why do we wear our jeans so darn tight?

Anywho... I started this blog for the simple fact that I was sick and tired of getting flack for wanting to be healthy. I have never once pushed my belief of Paleo on anyone, I just simply try and educate when asked, or when writing. I feel and look great and have lost a ton of weight and kept it off. I am finally that person I have always wanted to be. The problem with Paleo is that people don't understand it.

I went to school for broadcasting and one reason I am not in a newsroom today is because the messages that the media send out are not always true. People hear a study that is flashed on the news for 30 seconds that eggs are bad, so with out any question they run to the fridge and chuck those suckers out, IF I bring deviled eggs to a party I am then told to watch my egg consumption based on a silly rumor and media propaganda.

Let's face it you can't believe everything you hear and read online. I have read so many articles that bad mouth eggs and label them as cholesterol feeding devils, but not one reason why eggs are bad? They just ramble on for paragraph after paragraph about how there WAS a study and in the past... well I dont live in the past and things have changed. Dont you think some new studies should be run and new scientific evidence that clearly states that an egg a day will kill me.

The fact of the matter is that every single person is responsible for how they eat and what they eat. I choose to eat this way and I LOVE IT! I feel great, look hot, and I plan on raising my Pup and my Kids Paleo. You don't have to eat Paleo, or even care that I eat Paleo. I just ask that people stop passing judgement and worry about their own health and respect my wishes to eat the way I eat and feed my family the way I want.

I make some pretty tasty food and Hey maybe to you "I eat weird...I'm just living the Paleo Life"

 Now go eat some bacon!!!


Sugar Detox Challenge

So thats right... I started the Sugar Detox Challenge and I am Challenging my Twinner to see who can stay away from the sugary goodness for four weeks and drop some LBs while doing it. Rules are simple you don't eat sugar, natural or processed. So anything containing sugar is an obvious avoid and fruits are also out because they contain sugar!

We are super cute! I know right. This picture is from our 21st Bday yep thats right I said OUR. We are twins, identical twins... and I am sad that our picture bank is low in the recent years and so we will have to fix that PRONTO!!!

So I decided to do this sugar detox because I found myself cheating and indulging a little too much and falling off the wagon so to speak. So I am trying to reset myself by avoiding that sugary goodness I love soooo much. The hardest part will most definitely be the wine and fruit... But hey I stop the detox on the day we leave for NC. So hopefully I'll be trimmer and Bikini ready and I won't crave it so much when we are on vaca.

Sometimes it's good to avoid certain foods that you think your eating too much of. If you think you are drinking too much coffee go on  a caffeine detox, or do you eat bacon at every meal and even for a snack then go on a bacon detox...( ok that last one was just  a joke). The important part is to understand why you eat what you eat and the reasons behind it.

So I'll go home and weigh myself tonight so I have a launching pad and I'll report back later. 4 weeks no sugar... Do you think I can do it?

Would you ever try a Sugar Detox? Who do you think will win Me or my Twin Lindz?


Monday, July 23, 2012

Hmm, where are all the Coffee Cups?

So it was a crazy weekend, I planned on blogging and letting you know how the move was going and everything but I was so much busier and tired than I thought. Not only is it tough and tiring just moving, but moving with a puppy and two other family dogs made it more tiring.

Ace was up early and totally fired up at 6am each morning which was rough on Sat morning when I didn't get to bed until almost 2. Then I realized I had no half n half for my mom, just coconut creamer and no coffee cups. How was I planning on drinking my coffee with no cups. So a quick run to the gas station with my Pjs on and glasses still half asleep and a boat load of empty coffee cups,.No wonder the clerk didn't charge me, He knew I needed my coffee and those cups BADLY...

After a large cup of coffee I changed clothes and ran down to the Penske place to drop off Mike and then run back grab my Mom and Mary and then pick up bagels and head to the Apt... Well that was the plan. The truck place gave away our truck in error and left us without one. So we had to drive to another location and pick up the truck which was way out of the way. Needless to say the morning was a rough one but we got through it.

My friends, Bill, Paul and Scott were a great help all weekend. They helped bring down all the boxes of stuff even the really heavy ones and they also helped bring down all the furniture out of the Apt. and then into our house. Not only did they help move, but then they also helped put some things back together. Mike's Parents came bright and early to help us move and Momma Martin certainly can carry some heavy stuff, she was a big help. Poppa Martin is always the brains of the operation. He always knows how to do everything and when something doesn't work he always knows how to fix it. He was great driving our truck from place and place and backing up to our front door so we could get everything out nice n easy. My mom and Mary did an awesome job helping me put some things away and Mary set up all my out door furniture and my Dining room table. I had so much help and so many great people around it was the best weekend ever! Even though I had to move and I dreaded the whole thing I was happy that I have people around me willing to lend a hand and give up time on a gorgeous Saturday to help me move. I am one lucky duck!

On a side note... From working out at CrossFit and dropping some serious Lbs. I was so super energized and not nearly as tired on Saturday afternoon after going up and down all those stairs. Moving certainly wasn't as bad this time around. I did knock-out at 10pm after my friends left but hey I was able to accomplish alot. I also should add that even though I moved all weekend I had some great hair which to any girl is always a plus :)

All done moving now just to unpack and decorate!!!


* So who am I buying that paleomg headband  For? I'll tell you what, first person to make any one of her dishes and post a picture to my comments get the headband... Well what are you waiting for get cooking.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Momma!!!


So today is the Best day ever because today... Many Years ago my momma was born!! Yay

Anywho, this cake is one that I made for Mike its a Paleo cake and I liked it. I was super full the night of his birthday so I ate a small piece and was like eh its ok.... But then I put it in the fridge and the longer it chilled and hung around the more of it I wanted to eat.

I made that after only a month and a half of being paleo and now that I have made those tasty cupcakes I know I can make a better cake recipe myself... and So I plan on making some yummy treats as I settle into my house. I won't be making any sweet treats until after vaca in North Carolina because I am starting a Sugar Detox on Monday... and I am going to be doing it with my twin to see who can shed more Lbs by just cutting out all sugar. That means no fruits, no juices, no raw sugar, no sugar substitutes (aka cancer ) nothing No sugar...  So in honor of the no sugar thing I am enjoying an Iced Caramel Coffee from Dunkin today and then I will indulge in a yummy Ben and Jerry's cake over the weekend and then its Paleo boot camp for this J-Lo booty.. I am determined to start fresh in the new home and get my workout plans into a routine, rather than a once in a while occurrence.

This weekend is gonna be NUTS-O with the move but I'll try and keep you updated on whats going on with me... If you have any questions, or have any recipes that you want me to make Paleo just ask and I'll see what I can do!!

Happy Friday! and Happy Birthday to my Bestest Mommy Ever!!!

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Ok so since we are moving I am pretty much living off takeout foods. Which is fine once and while, no prep no clean up Great right? Well I am have some serious Blog Love for Paleomg and FriskyLemon and they have been posting some outta site recipes lately that I am dying to try...

Paleomg posted this one that looks so good I want to lick my screen, SERIOSULY... Pork Avacado Cream Enchiladas... I don't about you but that simply spells out LOVE to me.

I am contemplating being that crazy new tenant and rushing in the house grabbing the keys from the owner and bum rushing it to the kitchen to create this new masterpiece... a normal person would simply ask to use a friends kitchen or ummm I don't know WAIT until they Move in a few days...

I guess only Time and Sanity from my Biffle will Tell...

Salivating Commences Now...

Try out this awesome recipe from PALEOMG! Let me know how amazing it is and make me jealous!

How about this... First person to make this and post a picture of this dinner and comment and I'll buy you a PALEOMG head band. Juli loves her headbands... Paleomg Headband I plan on buying one for myself, so go ahead and get cooking on this dish and I'll toss one your way! That is if your first ;)


Body Taste Test

Morning all... So my biggest thing on Paleo is that I stay strict to what works best for me and my body. I have found that after a few months of detox and a strict grain and dairy free diet I felt better all around but I didn't pin point what foods were actually causing my minor discomfort. I know now that if I eat grains and have a bagel or two or cheat and eat bread products I feel achy and bloated and just not good. I mean c'mon the best part of a ham n Cheese sandwich is the Ham am I right..

Well since we are moving and Scott and Ace helped me pack the last of my stuff up last night, (Everything but the Keurig) Because lets face it Coffee is the one thing I look forward to and that wakes me up... and keeps me from being cranky! The madness of moving means little to no food in the house and no breakfast for me. Today I am especially hungry and usually I would just savor my coffee and hold out till lunch but its make your own omlettee day and I'm already salivating over my computer screen. So I decided to see what a yogurt would do to the old digestive tubes.

I got the Yoplait Strawberry Greek Yogurt. Now Greek Yogurt fads or any food fad annoy me. But I decided to give it a try a so here is my very first Food Review...

Important Opinion of My Yogurt
So it boasts that it contains two times more protien than normal yogurt. Upon first glance it looks like reg yogurt. There was a decent amount of fruit on the bottom but not too much. Its a little high on sugar with 20 grams of sugar and 100mg of sodium.

* When reading labels you always want to look at Sodium and Sugars, if they are both higher than 10 you prob don't want to eat it. I try and stay away from sugar and salt in packaged food because I have no control over it. I do once in a while add a packet to my large coffee you see pictured because New England Coffee is simply horid. YUCK. But I need it in my life...

Ok back to the yogurt, the consistancy was alot like Sour Cream. It was smooth and creamy and the texture felt like a blob of sour cream in my mouth, but it tasted like yogurt with a little extra tang. ( No I don't eat Sour Cream by the spoonfuls but I prob could I love that stuff, eww that's gross...TMI)

Overall it wasn't bad. I like yogurt typically but not sure if I am aboard the Greek Yogurt bandwagon...

If you decide to go Paleo as a tool to loose weight and you cut out grains and dairy for a month or so or until your at the desired weight level you can start to introduce certain things back into your diet. You won't feel sick right away, usually its a few hours later or even a few days. So listen to your body and try and make Paleo a lifestyle change rather then a diet.


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Moving Troubles

I know i haven't posted any recipes in a while but that's because my entire life is in little and big boxes scattered and stacked within my Apartment. I am going NUTS! No Blender, No Rachel Ray pots and Pans, No Tupperware... That especially bummed me out this morning. I asked Mike to pick up some deli meats and baby carrots. All night I thought about my lunch, I know weird right?

-Side Bar- Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night and crave juice or any beverage and think "ah I have that, I am gonna drink that in the am? then you wake up to find someone in your household has already beat ya too it? Mike does that to me alot. I usually crawl into bed earlier than him and while I dream of yummy things to drink in the morning (weird? I know) He is out in the living room Guzzling away my dreams. -Ok back to the Post-

So I meet the Property manager for our house that we are renting tomorrow night. We are meeting at the house and I'll get the keys then and do a walk through. Once they are gone, like a crazy person I am going to start moving things in... Yep I am that weirdo... Can you tell I am excited to get my stuff from one place to another... yeah.

I am not the kind of person to live in clutter or a mess or out of boxes. As we speak my apartment is a total mess, The only reason why its in the condition its in is because any moments I have been home were while I was sleeping.

I really liked the people in our complex but I never really met any of them until I got Ace which kinda sucks. There are some things I will miss about leaving Stonegate and other things I wont.

 Ok time for Question of the Day!

At the new house we need to take care of the lawn, Dog urine kills grass and leave ugly brown spots, what can I do so Ace doesn't murder our lawn and piss off our landlord?


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hold the Elevator Please...

So I have been thinking alot lately about how many people hide behind the fact that they are simply too busy to work out. I look at my friends and family and even my own daily life for this. I live in a third floor apartment building with a lil baby pup. I go up and down those stairs at least four times a day, either coming or going and taking Ace to go potty. I also walk up 6 flights of stairs everyday at work. So that's 240 stairs a day just going in and out of work, that doesn't count the stairs in my apartment building. I see so many people wait for the elevator, and in the time it takes them to wait for the big box I am already on my floor halfway to my car. I don't run up the stairs I casually take my time. Rather than waiting for the elevator I make that trek up the stairs, if there was no elevator I would have no choice. So I always act like there is no elevator and simply make my way to my car.

I also hate those people that lurk and fight for close parking spots at the mall or a shopping center. Your going to a place, to Walk around? Am I missing something, why do you need to park so close to the door anyways? Leave those spaces for the elderly or the disabled. I know what your thinking, Ash they have handicap spaces for that leave me alone. Do you know how many people... ABLE BODY people I see park in those spaces, its sad. The reason why so many people have joint, hip, and knee problems is because we try and move as little as possible and eat a diet that lacks the nutrients to keep our joints healthy.

I know many older people that have issues with stairs, and I know that when I had my knee issues I hated them to. The fact of the matter is that this world is full of stairs and steps. I want to be able to go wherever my grand-kids go when I am that age. So I believe in moving and to keep moving till the day I die. Fitness is a tool that can prolong our muscles to stay active and help us live a longer healthier life.

In other news, I am moving this week so I will for sure get a good strength training work out in taking all my crap out of my third floor apartment and into our new house :) No Silly Rabit Tricks are for Kids, I didn't buy a house I am renting one. I wish I was buying a house or in this case bought a house. I start the transition on Thursday! Stay tuned for more :)

Monday, July 16, 2012

There really is such a thing as Super Foods!!!

Since I first heard of Paleo I thought "ugh I WOULD NEVER give up Pasta, and bagels, and ice cream" and all the yummy foods I have grown up eating. I never realized that a statement like that could mean doom for my health. I have be active my whole life and I thought I was eating relatively heathy. I stopped eating fast food way long ago, meaning McDonalds and Wendy's but I still ate Pizza's and Taco's and Wings. So was I really eating healthy?

Dan and Meg or as I like to call them Danimal and Cheg -a -tron or the ever popular Smeagle Bagel...(which I believe is how it is still in my phone)...  They introduced me and Mikey to Paleo and the Crossfit world. I thought they were crazy at first. Then I got super depressed and so tired of telling Mike that THIS was gonna be the summer I was gonna be skinny and I decided to give it a try. I have been Paleo now for almost 6 months and I have never felt better.

I want to be active and healthy until the day I die and I don't want to have to wake up and eat a breakfast full of pills. Plus pills haven't always worked in the past. I was diagnosed with water on the knee when I was 13 I remember because that's when I started wearing knee braces, popping Ibuprofen, and watching my knee double in size just from walking around the mall. I was angry that as a young kid I had to deal with knee issues. Since I have been eating "clean" I never have knee problems unless I "Cheat" and eat grains. Paleo is a diet rich in foods that are anti-inflammatory process. Don't believe me? Check out the science from the master Robb Wolf.

I have read stories on how people have reversed bad cholesterol, Eliminated Rheumatoid Arthritis, got Diabetes in check, and lost Tons and Tons of weight. Some people want to simply just loose weight, with minimal exercise. I'm telling you Paleo is a lifestyle change that will rid your body of all the crap you have been eating. Look at labels and if you can't grow it or kill it don't eat it. Try it for only a month, seriously a month. No cheating and be strict for ONE MONTH and see how great you feel?

I believe in Paleo because I see friends and family headed down a dangerous road of doctors visits and pill popping. I am not the kind of person to preach to the choir. Much like addiction, people take the way they eat to heart. If I say your eating crap food your going to get defensive and shut down. So I feel that if I keep writing and you keep reading maybe someone will try this and be saved tons of money and time in doctor visits and fees. I'm no doctor and I have no background in nutrition. I simply tried Paleo and listened to my body. When I eat grains my knees tell me to knock it off, when I indulged in too much Ice Cream my body hates me and beats me up, usually through gas and stomach pains. (TMI I know) But its all true. I don't walk around saying I am lactose intolerant, or that I have Celiacs. I simply eat REAL foods and see how my body reacts. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Do your research don't take my word for it. We only get one shot at this whole life thing? Do you want to miss out on opportunities because your not feeling well or spend your elderly years in a wheel chair waiting for people to help you live a daily life? Fight back and fight fire with fire.

Ok my rant is over for today... Who has a question for me? What kinds of aliments are you suffering from?


Crossfit Games and Cupcakes :)

So this weekend has been a busy one for sure. I got out of work at 12, ran home grabbed Mike and the Pup and we headed for Jersey Yay! The Crossfit Games started at Noon on the East and so Mike made his phone a hot spot and I was able to watch the games for most of the ride to Jersey which was AWESOME!!! Crossfit New England Team A my box finished 12th. Its not 1st but they did a great job and I know that they are hungry for the title again so I am SURE they are back in the gym as we speak!
Once we arrived in Jersey we had some dinner. Then I ran to my mom’s store Shoprite of Flanders. ( My momma is a General Store Manager for Shoprite) I grabbed some Coconut Flour, Dark Chocolate, Coconut oil, and I ran home and made some yummy cupcakes J I made Mini’s because they are so darn cute!

I forgot that I needed to pick up some honey so I substituted some Maple Syrup and Since I added the syrup I decided to melt some chocolate and make some Chocolate Cupcakes with Chocolate “No Butter Needed” Buttercream Frosting. 
 Look how B-E-A-UTIFUL these
babies look :) I really need my sister
the photagrapher (LINDSAY) to take some Artsy Fartsy pictures of my food!!! Lindz also deserves a BIG THANK YOU for being the one who PURCHASED the Rachel Ray Bag from an earlier post that I love and that I use every single day of my life! Seriously just go online right now and buy this! Rachel Ray Lunch Box and while I am making plugs, Buy from Amazon and save some money and also support my good friend SCOTT!!! He works for Amazon, well kinda, Just buy it from Amazon and make Lindsay and Scott happy! Yay everyone gets a mention Whoo Hoo...

Ok So Check out my Cupcake Recipe in my Recipe Section! Check out my suggestions for some flavors!


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Paleo at Fenway Park?

So I know what your thinking, You started Paleo and you have been doing well all week but now the weekend is here and your going to see the Red Sox at Fenway loose miserably but while your there hey a girls gotta eat right?

Plus you will be with friends right? Whats one Fenway Frank or a side of fries, or an Ice Cream in one of those cute helmets and Beer, you gotta have one beer or two ok maybe five at a game right??

Sound like your normal excuses? Well actually you can eat Paleo at most places these days and still feel like your cheating. No I'm not saying to grab a salad you can eat real Paleo-ish foods at Fenway Park or places like that. 

Take a look at Mike's meal, He got the Sausage and peppers without the bun in a dish, and he added mustard, which is totally Paleo. He also opted for the Sweet Potato Fries instead of the regular ones. The fries are paleo-ish because they were most likely fried in oil and such and so you get the idea. You can always look up the healthy options beforehand to see what they offer Click Here

The biggest thing on Paleo that I try and remember is that "Nothing tastes as good as Healthy Feels" I let myself enjoy things now and then that are not paleo but I look at it as do I really want that or should I wait and have the best of whatever that is. Sure I can order a pizza any night of the week from any old place or I can go to a place with the freshest ingredients and the best crust and really indulge and enjoy it. 

I follow the simple idea of quality over quantity!


I may not be a 10 but the Boys say I clean up good...

So I was on here yesterday and decided that since my body is going through some transitions I would show some lovin to my blog and make it look a little better. So if you noticed I added a navigation bar at the top that will take you to my About Me and show you some terrifying pictures of myself back in the day... YUCK but the good thing is I'm lighter and less lumpy and looking forward to gaining more and more muscle.

I also added a recipe section so I will add all my recipes to that tab so you can click on it and see whats new and cooking in my kitchen! I am proud that I was able to revamp and redesign my own page all by myself. This blonde does have some brains and believe it or not those classes in college were good for something.

So I hope this helps you guys out as far as layout  goes. If you have any suggestions or are sitting there looking for something else please let me know. I'm still learning this whole blogging thing. I think I will use the main page for Work out tips and basic tips to staying Paleo and how I am doing myself on the new lifestyle. So please ask away!!!


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Seriously...What do you eat?

So I decided to share my perfectly Paleo diet with the world and also explain a little on what a typical day is like for this gal.

5:30 am: Sugarland sings to me that doesn't want to get up through my phone and the Paleo pup gets up from the foot of our bed, or untangles himself out of the crook of my knees and greets me with a morning kiss.. yep he sleeps in our bed. I roll outta bed hit the bathroom and then take Ace out for a short walk to wake us both up.

5:45-5:50am: Depending on how long I am outside with the pooch, Turn on the coffee, Jump in the shower.

6:00am: Get the should-already-be-hubby-but-really-just-boyfriend out of bed. He makes the coffee or sometimes I make my own when I get impatient.

6:05 am: Do my hair n makeup at the coffee table while enjoying some TV and Ace sitting on my lap...

6:20 am: Me and Mike catch up and discuss or day and plans for that evening, or he goes on his comp and I check out FB and my blog and the ever so exciting Traffic on the iPad while we finish our coffee.

6:40am: Dressed and ready I throw either some frozen fruit in the old blender or I make Coffee number 2 in either the Hot or Cold form and head out. When I pack my lunch I feel extra happy for the day!!!
Today I had a smoothie :)

I usually enjoy and sip my smoothie until about 10am...

Today I snacked on my banana that I brought at around 10:30...I also had a half cup of water.

12:00pm I took out my lunch :) Five pieces of rolled oven and herb roasted turkey breast, Three slices of Genoa Salami, Baby carrots and Ranch Dressing, and a Fuji apple.

Notice my awesome Rachel Ray Lunch Bag... this thing rocks it has two zipper parts, one for the contents of my lunch and the other an ice pack... True investment :)

I don't usually snack during the day... I'll prob leave my apple for later and eat it if I really want it... Sometimes I run and grab a coffee if I am feeling in need of a boost.

This will last me until about 7 when I can eat my yummy dinner which is inspired by the lovely chick from PaleoMG I will be making her Mexican burgers for myself my guy and two friends...

Check out what I will be making later :)

I don't snack much after dinner unless I choose or get persuaded to grab an Ice Cream on a rare ocassion... Wine and beer have found there way in as a treat after dinner though... ohh and these scrumptious little bites I got for Mike when he was sick with Lyme Disease...
These are good if you want to cheat but not feel soooooo bad because they are in fact SOOOO Delicious :)

Confused ask me anything!!!


Pup on the Go and No Dinner on the Table

So one of the biggest questions I get from family and friends is about what I do on those nights when I don't want to cook, or I get home late, or I just want something quick. There is really no quick and easy fast food options that are Paleo. If you really want quick and easy Chipotle's Salad is the best way to go, get two kinds of meat, no rice, every veggie they offer, and there guac they charge extra for that so make sure they put enough on. Another option is ordering in a salad, stopping at your local grocery store and making your own salad. My favorite option of course is getting a rotisserie chicken from the store and a bag of fresh but pre packaged green beans and calling it a day. In four minutes the beans are out and on my plate in a pool of butter. Yes I just said butter! Real butter like the high fat kind. Not the processed yellow stuff that tastes weird but real butter! Alongside a whole Half of a rotisserie chicken and its chow time! Usually Mike gets the other half of the bird but if your a paleo person looking for lunch tomorrow, wrap that puppy up and be in for a delicious lunch.

Last night was one of those nights, Ace had Puppy class at 6 and class is an hour long but we never get out on time, we always have to shop and sniff every treat and toy in the place. I shop and Ace sniffs.. just in case you were confused. So after class we packed in the car drove across the parking lot to Hannafords where I purchased my green beans, chicken, pound of turkey and a half pound of salami, baby carrots and apples. Now I am all set for lunches for the week. I told mike that the meat has to last us the next three days, hopefully it does. My plan is take whatever leftover meat and veggies we have left with us in the car on the way to Jersey on Friday afternoon. Let me know if you have any questions on how to eat out or what to pack for lunch.

Ask Away XO,

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Whatever Makes You Feel Like a Rockstar

So its the Summer Time and your at a Bar-be-que or your on vacation sitting next to the pool. Your dreading that moment you take off your cute outfit you spent so much time on trying to make you NOT LOOK FAT to show the dreaded bathing suit and some one asks if you want a drink your options, Soda, Water, Iced Tea, Beer, Wine, or a Cocktail. Remember nothing tastes as good as healthy feels.

Now take a moment and think, do you really want an alcoholic drink or would u be content with water. Your committed to loosing weight or at least keeping your diet under control so now is when you need to decide how serious you are. I have the mentality of Quality over quantity, so if I am going to have a beer it better be a good one like a Sam Adam’s (yep Boston girl right here) and not just a Miller Lite or a Bud Light. Beer is NOT PALEO because its made with grains. So if your going to cheat* make it a good beer or just stay clear.

Wine, Red wine has a lot of good things going for it, it is supposed to be heart healthy and have a lot of antioxidants. Wine is not made with gluten and therefore is considered Paleo in Moderation. Stay away from White wines as they tend to be more sugary.

 Cocktails are the turning point. Tequila and Light Rums are your best bet as they are not distilled with grains. The Norcal Margarita is made famous by the Crossfit in California. When out and looking for a good drink I order and Tequila and Tonic and I ask for fresh Lime. I normally will splurge for Patron when I order these because lets face it I’m drinking one or two socially with my friends. Not ordering a pitcher of Bud Light and drinking it myself and chasing that with a few shots of Tequila like I used to in college. The key here is to stay away from the fruity drinks and the extra sugar. Get a mojito and ask for it to come with no simple syrup. You will get all the taste and not the added sugar.

Soda is a no-no, even diet, look at all the stuff on the can what is it all? I would have to ask my chemistry buddy Leah for a lesson on what exactly is in my diet soda. So no thank you, Same goes for fruit juices and punches they are loaded with sugar and are no bueno. Iced Tea is great IF its fresh brewed with no added sugar. If someone offers it to you at a party simply ask if its home brewed or from a powder. If its from a powder then stick with water. If you need to spice up your Iced Tea or simply can’t drink it without Sugar, add in a lemon wedge or two or heck the whole lemon. For a fruity twist muddle some ripe peaches for peach iced tea. Or muddle some Raspberries for raspberry iced tea.

When trying to decide what to drink think in terms of what will satisfy you rather than what you want. If its  really hot and your really thirsty stick with water and wait it out and see if you really want that beer, glass of wine, or cocktail.

I have a great Summertime Recipe below for anyone looking to quench that thirst for fun an fruity.

Pinapple Crusher:
1.5 ounces of 1800 Silver Coconut flavored Tequila
3 ounces of pinapple juice (look for unsweetened)
Lime Seltzer Water

Add the Tequila and pinapple juice into a cute glass, top it off with the setzer water, stir to combine. Add a drink umbrella pull up a seat on the deck kick up your feet and relax.

Got any other drink questions? Ask Away!!!

Burger Boats and Beans

Burger Boats!!!

For Paleo people these are just great. Technically Paleo purists will say that Green Beans are not paleo because they are a legume. They are however one of my favorites. So I always eat them and even sometimes for breakfast, and yes even the garlicy ones :) Anywho, These burgers are great for cook outs and barbeques and the best part is you can customize them how you want. Check out my Recipe below.

1 Pound of Grass Fed Beef ( Trust me you will appreciate this change the beef has much more flavor)
Cherry Tomatoes Diced ( save tomato juice)
Onion Minced ( save the onion juice)
3 good shakes of McCormick Hamburger Seasoning
2 Tsp Worcestershire Sauce

Cut it all up and add it to your beef and just combine everything. Form the meat into one big patty and score it with the side of your hand or a knife into four quarters. then form four patties using one quarter. This is a tip I learned from Rachel Ray.

I cook my burgers in a skillet with a little butter. Let them caramelize and cook on one side before flipping. Once you see it cooking to your liking flip and finish the process.

Take a few romaine leaves and arrange them on your plate. I cut my burger in half after they have rested and put one half of the burger on a romaine leaf. Then I dress it with whatever topping I'm in the mood for. In this case it was extra Tomato and my homemade guacamole!!! Then enjoy... You can eat it with your hands or with a knife and fork. Serve with a veggie or two on the side and your all set!!!

Topping: Ashley's Simple Great Guacamole:
-2 Ripe Avacados ( Look below for how to pick Avacados)
-1 to 2 Limes
-Cherry Tomatoes
-Pinch Garlic Powder
-Pinch of Onion Powder
-Chopped up Onion

* Any good guac needs salt. I know I am contradicting myself here, but I like my my guac like I like my margaritas with a lot of lime and salt. :) No one said I was perfect. 

-Cut Avacados in half, watch out for the pit.
-Remove Pit (save these for later)
-Cut the avacado in the skin into cubes going across and then down the avacado with the knife be careful
-Dump avacado cubes into a bowl
-Mash with the back of a fork or leave chunky, I like my guac creamy.
-Cut the Tomatoes into quarters
-Dice and add the onion. 
-Roll the limes on your counter
-Then cut and add the limes to the mix add one half lime at a time and to taste.
-Add the salt a pinch or two or three all to taste.
-Once you have the tomatoes, onion, add the spices and lime juice to taste.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Paleo Pancakes

PANACAKES!!! I love these the texture is the most like regular pancakes and if you put some cooked apples or strawberries or bananas on this it would be awesome. These are a real treat and perfect for a Saturday or Sunday breakfast!
  • 4 eggs, room temperature
  • 1 cup coconut milk
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 1/2 cup coconut flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/2 teaspoon sea salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
  • coconut oil for frying
  1. Preheat pan or griddle over medium-low heat. Beat eggs in a stand mixer until frothy. Mix in milk, vanilla.
  2. In a small bowl combine coconut flour, baking soda, sea salt and cinnamon and whisk together.
  3. Combine dry mixture with wet in the stand mixer and beat on medium speed for about 30 seconds. Scrape down sides of bowl then mix on medium to medium-high for another minute or two or until the coconut flour is completely mixed into the batter.
  4. Grease pan with coconut oil. Pour batter to create pancakes that are about 3 inches in diameter. If the batter seems too thin you may need to add a small amout of coconut flour to achieve the desired consistency.
  5. Cook for approximately 3 minutes, flip and cook an additional 2-3 minutes.
  6. Serve hot with honey, syrup or fruit.
I have to make these again... I know my plate looks bare, one thing about Paleo is that if you eat the right foods you can eat as much as you want. This day I had like 4 or 5 Paleo Pancakes and two cups of coffee I was full... But if you had cooked fruit on top of it, or even a bowl of fruit on the side that would be good. You can also make Sweet Potato hashbrowns if you so choose! Bacon would also be great!!!

I bet if you make this for your family and don't say anything about them being Paleo no one would even know. Serve them along with butter and natural maple Syrup and keep on flipping!!! 

Green, Gauc and Eggs

Eggs and Guacamole

I love Guacamole and the only drawback to Paleo is that you can get tired of eggs easily. Its a quick breakfast with Minimal cleanup and so I eat eggs alot. Sometimes I make some guac to go alongside my eggs for some added flavor.


-Two Scrambled eggs in Butter

* When cooking eggs choose a natural fat like Butter, Ghee, Bacon Grease, Any Protien Fat. Ever hear of Steak and Eggs, Cook your eggs in the left over fat from a juicy steak, any natural will do and Protien Fats will give your eggs added flavor.

Stay away from salting your eggs, add pepper and as much as you want but try not to use salt.

Ashley's Simple Great Guacamole:
-2 Ripe Avacados ( Look below for how to pick Avacados)
-1 to 2 Limes
-Cherry Tomatoes
-Pinch Garlic Powder
-Pinch of Onion Powder
-Chopped up Onion

* Any good guac needs salt. I know I am contradicting myself here, but I like my my guac like I like my margaritas with a lot of lime and salt. :) No one said I was perfect. 

-Cut Avacados in half, watch out for the pit.
-Remove Pit (save these for later)
-Cut the avacado in the skin into cubes going across and then down the avacado with the knife be careful
-Dump avacado cubes into a bowl
-Mash with the back of a fork or leave chunky, I like my guac creamy.
-Cut the Tomatoes into quarters
-Dice and add the onion. 
-Roll the limes on your counter
-Then cut and add the limes to the mix add one half lime at a time and to taste.
-Add the salt a pinch or two or three all to taste.
-Once you have the tomatoes, onion, add the spices and lime juice to taste.

* Make gaucamole right before your going to serve if you want to chill it or make it ahead don't make it more than 2 hours ahead. Toss the pits in the guac bowl and cover with plastic wrap touching the guac, and then put a lid on that. The longer Guac sits with air to it, the faster it will turn an ugly brown color. The Lime juice and pits will slow down that process.

-Picking out Avacados:
-If your using them that day they need to be soft in your hand you should be able to squeeze them in your hand. They shouldn't be mush, but they should give when you squeeze them.

-If your not making it right away you can buy firm or hard avacados and let them ripen on your counter.

-Try not to let Avacados that are ripe sit, or else they will go bad on you.

Berry Breakfast

Looking for something other than eggs and meat... Cut up any fresh fruit and enjoy, who needs yogurt and granola.

Berry Breakfast -

You can use any variety of fruits for this. If your looking to cut weight however stay away... Fruits have natural sugars so they are better than a Pop-Tart per say, but Cutting out sugar natural or not will help you cut weight!!!

What I did here:
-One Large Banana Cut into slices
- Large strawberries diced
- Large Handful of Red Grapes

You can also as a little almond butter or any nut butter if you want to stay fuller longer. Go for the ones your either grind yourself. Or look for one that has none or the least amount of sugar. Look for the natural section or find a good Whole Foods store in your area for specialty items like this.

Roller Coaster of Emotions

So this weekend was crazy... Friday was a total rollercoaster of good and bad news. Thankfully everything worked out and I was able to get my brakes done by My wonderful Boyfriend Mike and my good friend Scott. They replaced all four brakes and rotors. :) Ace was a little prince, he laid as close as he could to Mike and he tried very hard to help. He was a great supervisor.

 Notice how trim Mister Mikey is looking!!! That is the Bod of a Paleo Makeover Ladies and Gentlemen!! Mike has lost over 50 pounds since starting Paleo in February, and yes he lost it much faster than me and much more weight!!! All because he is a Guy!!! Ace is 30 Pounds now he is a growing boy!!! But still a very Paleo Pup!!!

We ate pretty good this weekend... Friday night we had Steak and Brocolli with Baked Sweet Potato Fries....Wings that were baked in just a dry rub, with Celery and Green Beans on Saturday Night.

Feeling great today!! Just another reason to eat Paleo Perfect. I promise I will post Pictures and Measurements tonight for my Personal Paleo Challenge from now on till my Vaca in August!!!


Sunday, July 8, 2012

A little inspiration

So I started this blog a few months ago Because I was frustrated with family And friends always saying I eat weird I Have thought a few times whether I should Continue or not. I found out last week a Friend of mine has seen my blog and is going To try Paleo. I hope that I am able to make Paleo easy and accessible to anyone looking For a lifestyle change. The most important thing when starting any Diet or making any drastic changes, you have To really want it. Paleo is a no sugar diet, So it takes some getting used to and is hard the First month or so. You can no longer grab a soda Or a candy bar for the ride home from the grocery Store. Road trips are difficult with gas stations Filled with processed food. Being on Paleo you need To plan ahead. I'm a planner, so it's easy When you know your driving three hours to Jersey To make a quick dinner before you leave or Pack a bag of veggies to munch on.

 Some of my Paleo Survival Kit includes:
-Baby Carrots ( they are sweet with Minimal carbs and fix that sweet craving)
-Fresh Brocolli, Asparagus, Any fresh veggie, Brocolli, Cucumbers, Celery, Bell Pepper, Are all things you can cut ahead of time and munch on, on the go, at the office or at home watching TV. 
-SO Delicious French Vanilla coffee creamer (This stuff Rocks and the little bit of sugar is just enough to sweeten Your coffee) Make Sure you the Coffee Creamer... The SO Delicious Coconut Milk however is perfect for putting in Smoothies!!!

 -Red Grapes (perfect for a quick snack and a perfect treat For the summer if you freeze them)
-Good Coffee(Starbucks is my fav. Now that I don't use sugar I look for coffees with more flavor.)

 XO, Ash

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Paleo Problems

Since I started Paleo back in Feb and also crossfit, I have been able to loose 35 pounds and keep it off while also putting on muscle. My clothes fit better and I find I have more options, plus I feel better. Since getting Ace I haven't been back to Corssfit, and our living social deal has since expired so I really need to ramp up my own working out routine. I have stuck with paleo pretty much except for my cheat days...

I feel great and look great and like the way my new body is. Sure there are some things I wish to change but when tempted with the beer or margarita or occasional ice cream its hard to resist. Skinny people eat bad once in  a while. Well my most recent has left me miserable. I am going on vacation in a little over a month and I would love to wear my bikini's. While I could pull it off now, I would feel better if my mid section was a tad bit more trim. So for the next month I will go back to strict Paleo. Limiting Fruits and eating mostly veggies and protien I am also going to challenge myself to work out at least three times a week. I need to force myself to get back in a rhythm. So I will be completely honest with how I eat for the next month or so. My tummy will thank me later, seeing as how I feel terrible at this very moment. ugh why did I eat that ice cream last night :(

I'll post a pic later tonight and my current measurements and weight. In a month we will see whether I am more more tubby or trim... 


Fireworks and Food Fail...

So Tuesday night Mike and I and our friend Scott headed down to Patriot Place for some fireworks. We left early with the intention of having a few drinks and dinner. I brought the usual stuff needed to enjoy fireworks, a sweatshirt, camping chairs and a blanket. I thought about bringing drinks or snacks but figured we would eat beforehand so no need to. We got there around 6:30, walked over to Red Robin and put our name in. The place was packed but it was at Gillette they see this kinda business all the time, for three people it was only an hour wait. No big deal right, so we waited and after 45 mins we checked our status and they said probably another 30 mins, Ok a little longer than before but still not bad. We went to wait inside and I started to notice some empty tables. Then after an hour and a half of waiting with a few tables yet to be seated and tons of people we found out that they were telling us that we had to wait another 30 mins and that meant we most likely would miss the fireworks just for a crummy burger and some greasy fries. We bailed on the whole eating idea and walked over to where the fireworks were being shot off. I left Mike to guard what I thought was going to be a great spot and hardly anyone was over there. I ventured off to get the chairs and blanket. I was frustrated that so many children were wondering and running around with no parents in sight but of course it was probably my lack of food that had eaten my paitience. The fireworks were great and had been full from dinner I probably would have wanted to pass out. I was happy that Mike got to see the fireworks and they were a really good show.

Twenty minutes later I was free and off in search of food, and water, My stomach was the size of a pea and I wanted nothing more but a drink or five. I was so thirsty water would have been like gold. I went over to Toby Kieths bar and grill and waited in the bar line since the BIG bouncer told me I had to wait and have my ID checked just to sit down and order food. The line moved quick and once inside I asked for a table of three the hostess told me that they stopped serving food and it was only open for drinks. Great but I had already asked that question and its only 9:30 what bar, with a massive restaurant section closes there kitchen at 9:30 especially when you have a million people milling around... I headed over to Bar Louie looking for food. They told me for three people it would be an hour wait... I went next door to the seafood place and was seated right away. I looked at the menu and saw how pricey this place was, and I wasn't exactly in the mood for a gut of fish. Mike and Scott were leary at my choice as well but were happy that food was in there future so we stayed. They ordered a burger and beer and I got Wings and a beer...A few of our friends were at Bar Louie with a table, how they got a table was beyond me but my beer and wings were yummy and hit the spot. Mike enjoyed his burger and so did scott. We did order sushi that never came, but thats ok we each had room for dessert and we ordered the Summer Cobbler. It was Almond meal Cake (Paleo) with bluberries and peaches (Paleo) and wild berry Gelato ( Not Paleo). It was delicious, a bit expensive but worth it to me. Overall it was a good night. I'm glad I got to see fireworks and eating afterwords allowed us to avoid sitting in traffic so in the end it all worked out. Check out my Paleo Pup section to see how Ace did while we were out all night!  Have any questions? Ask me anything :)


Monday, July 2, 2012

Camping Paleo Style

So I was in RI for the weekend and I had planned on blogging while I was away but I was busy with the dogs and such. We had a campfire on Friday night and I made banana boats. They were sooo Yummy, and my take on Paleo Smore's :) Recipe is below :)

Saturday Morning Mike and I made breakfast over the campfire. We brought our cast iron Skillet and cooked Bacon from Whole Foods and Sausage on the campfire.. We also had scrambled eggs and I made a pot of Starbucks Medium Roast. It was super delicious and if you like coffee try that, of course we added the SO Delicious French Vanilla Coffee Creamer to the excellent coffee... then we went to the beach and we took a walk down to the jetty and watched some boats come in and then went on an adventure for some Ice Cream, Not Paleo but a treat non the less... We forgot to bring our sandals so I am positive that I burned a layer or two of skin off my feet. After getting all the way to the ice cream store to find out it only took cash and our credit card wasn't going to work we headed back and settled on Gelato. It was eh, not worth the Paleo Cheat...

We headed back to the beach chairs and I applied many layers of suntan lotion, and after an hour or so notice I was getting quite red. The lotion I had been using was expired in 2004 so basically it didn't so anything but enable me to burn quicker. Note to self check expiration dates on Suntan lotion. We went back to the camp site and all showered and got dressed up to go to dinner. We went to the Coast Guard House and I had Mussels and Cod in a delicious sauce. I also got clams for an app to share with Mike and we indulged in Creme Brulee which is my all time weakness when it comes to dessert.When we got back to the campground I took the iPad and read my book in bed before passing out.

Sun morning we woke up early and everyone went to breakfast but Mikes Parents, they stayed with the pups. I had scrambled eggs, bacon and home fries. So yummy... Then we went back and played frisbee with the pups, drank some beer and just hung out. Played a game of mini golf and then came back and got ready for dinner. Dinner was OK... we went to a Seafood Place and I got Broiled Scallops and Clam Chowder with corn. I asked for a veggie and they brought me corn, had I known that I would have splurged for the 1.50 Sweet Potato wedges. IF I knew the clam chowder was going to be watery I would have stuck with the side salad instead. So dinner was meh but my Key Lime Martini was pretty great!!!

Overalll it was a great weekend I am sooo tired but just need to make it through a few more hours of work today and a half day tomorrow.Thanks :)

Banana Boats Recipe:
6 Bananas or how ever many you need
Chocolate Chips
Additional Toppings

1. Cute the banana length wise with the peel on.
2. Open the banana creating a crevice to put your toppings.
3 Stuff with Chocolate and marshmallow and nuts and anything you like. 
4. Wrap tight in tin foil.
5. Stick in campfire, grill or oven for 10 to 15 mins.
6. Open and enjoy ( Be Careful the foil is hot, and so is the banana)