Friday, August 31, 2012

First Day of School Feeling

Today I have a full day of training ahead of me and I am am excited! I can't wait to be able to do more with the website and really be involved in the whole process. I feel like its the first day of school and I am ready to go!

So this is going to be short and sweet!!! Since I have the back to school thing on my brain I saw on this girls blog some sweet new lunch ideas.
Look How Stinkin Cute these are... and what a great BDAY  (hint) Gift they would make
 I ABSOLUTELY HATE tupperware and everything about it... nothing ever fits right in my Lunch Box and you can never find the right lids and then they get destroyed in the dishwasher or they stain if you put a red sauce in it... So this is amazing and definitely something I NEED in my household...

It's important with any job to make it a point to bring your lunch... If your Paleo it helps to keep you in check and you also save more money...

How is the end of your summer shaping up?


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Your Getting Sued... JK

So my lovely twin sister thought it was funny to give me a heart attack. I got one of those junk mail things in the mail stating that they wanted to buy my car, but it came in  a  fancy smancy envelope so my twin was intrigued. She opened it told me what it was and then decided to joke that I was being sued.... yeah not to funny when I'm over 300 miles away and at work and having the strangest day of my life...

Thanks Lindz, I love you too...

Anywho, Today was a strange day but it started out with a yummy new breakfast favorite the two ingredient pancake created by one of my favorite bloggers ever
This is what her pancakes look like....CarrotsNCake
Yeah one day I will make beauties like this.... back to the drawing board tomorrow morning. I didn't snap a pic because mine looked nothing like this.

I have thought about going back to how I ate before Paleo and its not gonna happen. I like the challenge of creating new and yummy meals and living different and cool, and trying things I probably would have avoided. So I am looking forward to a life of invention and creation. After all we only get ONE life.

Sept. is like a blink away, and Fall is starting next week and its my favorite time of the year... I am going to make a Thanksgiving Dinner soon...If you have to ask Why... then I leave you with Three words... Pumpkin Chiffon Pie from Make it Paleo....

the Pie isn't in here but Look at that food... YUM YUM YUM

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Some Kind of Love

Since I have been paleo I have really notice a strong change in my taste buds. I really look for flavor rich foods, I am more apt to try spicier foods and no longer even have a will or want to eat pasta. I salivate when it comes to meat proteins and sugar is totally out of my vocabulary.
I haven't had soda in such a long time and instead I have gone to my new favorite Raspberry Lime Seltzer. I love it. It gives me the sense that I am drinking a treat rather than bland carbonated water and I love it. The best part is there is ABSOLUTLY NOTHING IN IT but carbonation...

Last night I went grocery shopping and then when I got home, Mike and I went for a quick mile run. It took us only 10 mins to run a mile.. Not bad. Then I made dinner. Sirlion steak and sweet potato tater tots. I made over a pound of meat for us to share and a good helping of sweet potato so we were full.

Then the little buggers, got into fight and my hand ended up in one of there mouths, can u say ouch. I cried like a little girl. It hurt really bad. Working on fixing that ASAP....

Tonight Ace Face goes to see Dr. Moore

I am sure he will be happy to see him and hopefully his heartworm test comes back negative. It should he eats those pills like candy. Off to the doctor tonight and then a few stops to the store on the way home.


Ever have any issues with fights and dogs and how to stop that, or deal with food aggression in dogs? Advice is greatly appreciated.

Monday, August 27, 2012

New Phases

Sometimes in life you realize that your in a new phase and it kind of shocks you. For example, I remember going to Middle School for the first time, it was the first day of Sixth grade, a whole new school, and my own locker and a homeroom teacher, (what’s a home room teacher) and changing classes (where the F do I go?) and changing for gym class ( you mean we don’t just play dodgeball in our dresses and skirts?). Those moments when you suddenly realize that wow you have grown up and your in that NEW PHASE, well I reached that new phase today. 

I came into work this morning with a pile of stuff on my desk and a boat load of emails and suddenly I realized that not only was vacation over, but summer was over and I barely got to enjoy it. I am in the working world and I am an adult, with a house and a pup, and responsibilities… Yes I had all of this stuff before vacation but it just hadn’t hit me yet, I never realized I was in that NEW PHASE… LOL

Anywho… Vacation was great! I went to the beach lounged by the pool got in a few runs and some burpees, and I killed it on my first day that I was mad sore for a good chunk of vacation… I got a sweet tan and also got to sport my new swim suits that I felt great in!

Saturday we did a marathon car ride from 7am to 7:30pm from NC to NJ and it was rough… Traffic, Rain, and more traffic and all I could do was be a good passenger. Saturday night we had Chinese and watched the race and hit the hay so we could get up early and be home to see our Ace Face. Seeing him was awesome he was so excited we must have spent a good 45 mins just saying hi and hugging and kissing him. Once the excitement died down we packed back in the car and headed to Callahan State Park which is only around the corner from us, we could walk there, maybe…

Guess what? ACE LOVES WATER and he Can SWIM!!!

We had so much fun playing fetch in the water with our little guy, I want to go back again and again, he could have played fetch for hours.

So happy to be home with my little bugger I missed him. BTW I don’t know if I told you but on vacation I caught a shark!!! First time ever fishing and I caught a shark that’s pretty cool, I had some great teachers, Marvin and Mikey!!


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Red Solo Cup

So... I have eaten a little off Paleo and man do I pay my dues... My knees hurt my belly hurts... I have been doing either sprints or a long run or swimming so I have been active on my vaca. The other morning I did sprints and burpees :) let me tell you I am sore.

I have been trying to eat Paleo as much as I can but after all it is vacation.

Here are some pics of my vaca

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Drinks n Beach

So it's vaca here in ocean isle and I have indulged in a few drinks beers to be exact... Planning on the bar later although I did run a good amount this morning and I'll definitely run tomorrow... I'll update you further tomorrow after my work out...


Saturday, August 18, 2012

On The Road Again

So we piled in the car and headed for NC at midnight last night. Right now we are only an hour away from the NC border...

So as far as Paleo goes I plan on sticking with it as much as I can I can't eat like I used to and I don't like a lot of what I used to eat. I will mostly likely have a few drinks and some indulgences while on vaca because afterall it's vaca. I am planning on working out though...

For the car ride I packed apples, grapes, and bananas and then we will have extra for the week.... I am sticking to quality over quantity...

I'll keep you guys posted and I'll send you pics of my daily eats :)


Jersey Bound

So we are on our way to the Dirty Jerz.

We left at 1 o'clock and Ace Face. Mikey was sad but he was a champ...

Here are some pics of our packing adventures..

See if you can spot Ripley at the front door... He watched us drive away out the window.

Friday, August 17, 2012

I Work Out

So last night I came home and Mikey had our new Lawnmower up and running, he just HAD to mow the lawn before vacation... I think he just wanted to play with his new toy!!!

He likes his new toy!!
While Mike did that I took the boys for a Run/Walk and it was a bit difficult I literally hurtled them multiple times... We did sprint back to the house. Then I worked out for a while and they barked at me and put toys on my belly as I did crunches. 
I was hungry so I had some leftover broccoli and Cauliflower that was left over from the other nights dinner. I was waiting for mike to come home with our dinner for the night. Which was Rotissere Chicken from Whole Foods which I made into a Massive salad with tomatoes and I forgot to snap a pic. 

Then I went to pack and shower and pass out... This Morning Mister Ace Face was extra cuddly he gave mike lots of kisses and cuddles...

 He knew something was going on so I knew I had to tell him that we were going on Vaca and he was going to be staying with Dan and Meg and Rip.

He wasn't a happy camper... But it will be good for him and he will get to bond with Meg and Dan!
I think Mike is going to miss him soooo much and its going to be really hard for him since he hasn't really been away from Ace too much since we got him. Anywho, only  a few more hours left of work and then we will be on the road. Stay tuned for my Travel Adventures...


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Don't Believe Everything You Hear

* Disclamer... I am about to vent my own opinion on the great 'ol egg debate. Diet changes should always be spoken through your doctor. This is merely my own opinion.

The Article

So I went to my old TV Station that I worked for years ago when I was still in college. I noticed an article that they posted and saw there teaser for the evening news. As a fellow broadcaster I love and hate the media. I love it because I love bringing news to people and I love being able to shoot inspiring stories about local heroes, and how a policeman saved so many lives. The feel good features that you tend to pay attention to, not the sad murder cases that further grow the ego's of it's villans.

Back to the article, the article is comparing cigarettes to eggs, in that cigarettes create less plaque in your arteries than eggs. Insisting that eggs can kill you quicker than if you smoke cigarettes. They did a small study and the study in my opinion was inconclusive. When you run  a study like this you need to consider all the factors. There are way to many things that can depend on your arteries, and cholesterol comes from many more things than just eggs. My issue with the media is that they spend so much time telling you what the study found and not enough time telling you that it means nothing because there are still so many un-answered questions.

For Example:
On average during a week I can consume at most almost a dozen eggs a week, usually 2 for breakfast. My diet is rich in animal protiens and full of fresh veggies and fruits. So your telling me that I have a higher risk for clogged arteries and vascular disease, then say a person who consumes 2 eggs a week, smokes a pack a week, eats Fast Food, Pasta, "Whole Grains"( which is prob bread and other foods that contain eggs) and they are healthier than me?

What you don't realize when you eat the way that I do, I don't eat processed foods, so the only egg products that I consume are the eggs that I crack in my skillet or that I add in my food. I know how many eggs I am eating.

You don't have to agree but you don't have to sit back and listen. Do some research, google it, heck go to your doctor get a check up and tweak your eating habits and go back and see how it affects the numbers? One thing I urge everyone to do is NOT believe everything the pretty little blonde tells you on the TV. She's reading from a script and she is given the assignment from her producer because its an important topic. Everyone wants to get healthy and live long lives. Well Knowledge is power, go out and find out for yourself.


Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Like the new pics?

Yeah I decided I needed to spice up my blog a bit, I plan on doing some more updates after vaca, but I was itching to make some lil changes... What do you think?

Last night I planned to have a hair cut date with Mikey Poo and then a dinner date at WF followed by a long walking date with my main man and the pup... That didn't happen.

I was going to have a night off from cooking and get to take Ace Face on a long walk and just hang, but Mike got stuck at work, so I got my haircut while I waited for him and then realized that I now needed to make dinner.

So I went to whole foods and got 1 Chicken Teriyaki Kabob, and one LARGE steak, along with some strawberries and some grapes. Weird mix I know… But I hadn’t planned to cook so I had to think quick and I was hungry and not sure what I wanted. ( Sorry no pic )

Dinner came out great we split the steak and the Kabob and I also made mixed veggies that I had at home. Mike chased his dinner with half a bottle of applesauce, cuz he’s weird and we snacked on red grapes while we relaxed with Dan and Meg… It was a relaxing night and I always love those. 


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Up All Night

Last night was rough... going to bed was a challenge. I am getting over Something, a cold, post nasal drip, IDK what I had or have but last night I was coughing every two seconds. In the middle of the night I got up grabbed Ace Face and moved my pillow to the end of the bed and slept like that with ace cuddled in my arms like a teddy bear.

He actually stayed there for a while, he must have known that I was not feeling well because he simply sighed and passed out. I did wake up with a confused BF however. He was woke up by a tail in his face, instead of his pretty coughing-hacking-up-a-lung girl freind. LOL Its quite funny actually Ace was laying on my other pillow at the head of my bed with his Butt in Mikey's face and Mikey was confused as to how I got all turned around.
Ace Face is Pooped after our restless night of sleep... hes so tired he came out of his crate at lunch and passed out on the couch.

On the Agenda today after work... is a hair cut...
I leave for vacation in a while and I need a lil trimming. Let's face it aside from straightening my hair Friday night it will probably live in a bun or pony tail or be tousled with mouse the entire vacation.

After a quick hair cut date with Mike were gonna grab dinner and then head home, lace up Ace and take him on a nice long walk! Sounds like a great way to end the day if you ask me... Now if only it was 5pm...


Monday, August 13, 2012

Feel the Burn

Today I got home from work and I had working out on the brain I had done some hill sprints with Ace in the am so I ran downstairs put on Food Network and I got going on my work out...

Then Mary called and I got sidetracked and talked to her for a half hour. Then mikey and the pups came down looking for dinner.

Mikey started on dinner and got in a quick work out.

Tonight's dinner was pork chops and applesauce with roasted green beans and garlic.

How yummy does that look? Now I am just hanging out maxing relaxing all cool...


Morning Mojo

So I am back in the swing of things. I woke up this morning at 5:20 and headed out for a quick jog and sprint down the road with the Pup. It was the first time I had taken him on a run and so I kept it short n sweet. I also wanted to take him later for a long walk so I didn't want to scar him. We jogged and he jogged all pretty at my pace, then his ears perked up and he started moving sideways and next I knew we were sprinting after a bunny rabbit.

After that I decided to make it into a game and I was talking to him saying things like " Where is the bunny rabbit" and "oooh c'mon lets get that lil rabbit". I'm sure the people in the neighborhood think I am the crazy new girl who talks to her dog.

Once we got home I had every intention to workout following my weekly plan and banging it out before I had to hit the showers

 In a household of four I Mike was the only other person around and he wasn't getting up and so I was on dog feeding duty.

Ace is being a little scootch about eating around other dogs and he eats way too fast so I have been trying some new things to slow him down. That ate up my workout time so I hopped in the shower. We have a repair man man man man ( Remember All That... Did you know that its on Nick every night after 12am) so I'll do my work out first thing when I get home!

I also want to do this sometime I think it would be a blast and fun activity to get your friends to work out with you... What do you think? Work out Party anyone?


First Time Lawn Mover Owners

This weekend was a good one... Friday night we went and saw the new movie The Campaign and it was...

Super funny... I was still a little under the weather and laughing sent me into coughing fits so I had to bite my tongue but it was a great movie.... Very funny!

Saturday morning I was up bright an early at 6am because I could not stop coughing... So Ace face and I went out in the living room and cuddled on the couch until Mikey Poo woke up, we had breakfast and I kinda just hung out cuz I didn't feel so great. Then we got dressed n showered and we headed out on the hunt for a brand new lawnmower since ours doesn't work anymore... Mikey spent hours and days on the thing and it never started or even came close to starting. He's Excited to try the new toy out... I hope that feeling never goes away and my lawn looks trimmed and great until its covered by snow!

Sunday I woke up feeling eh... I have been taking allergy medicine and doing a nose spray and nothing was working. I hadn't worked out since Tuesday and so I got up and got dressed and went downstairs to work out....
Don't let that face fool ya...
Sure he looks cute, but he was barking at me and sitting on me when I was doing crunches he was either sitting on me or behind me... So I got smart...
My next Dog.... FYI Belgian Malinois... :)
He loved the show and it entertained him enough to leave me alone :) Problem Solved!

I found that workout on Pinterest and I decided to give it a try, they say you should do all the movements throughout the day and not all at once but I decided to give it a try and it was pretty easy. I think I'll stick with this for two weeks along with some running and then decide from there... I might also add in some burpees here and there....

How was your weekend everyone?


Friday, August 10, 2012

Still Battling

Last night I did what I normally do when I am sick and fed up with feeling like crap and trying to fake that I am not sick only to feel awful the next morning, So I called Mary.

(Mary is basically like a second mom to me she is my mom's BFFL and honestly she is always a great help when I can't reach my momma.... I tried to find a good pic. and I discovered that I have NO new Pics of us... I am going to have to change that come Vacation)

Anywho... I called Mary on my way home, I told her I think I have post nasal drip and she told me to get saline solution for my nose and some allergy medicine for something... I forget... So on my way home I stopped and got my stuff and hurried home to find out Ace had been a lil punk and got into TWO fights with Rip. So I did what any normal person would do and sat on the kitchen floor and fed him his whole cup of food one Kernel at a time... (he's developed some kind of food aggression and hoovers his food unless I control it.)

They really do love each other... Ace just loves food more!

  So I worked with Ace for about 45 mins getting him to calm down and eat slow and be O.K. with Ripley there and know he wasn't going to eat his food. Once we were finished it was too dark to run and Mikey was hungry so he cooked up some Salmon burgers and I started to prep some fresh Broccoli for roasting... It was all coming together and by 8pm we sat down to eat and my appetite had wandered away somewhere...So I had two bites and retired to the couch where I passed out until 11:30...Idk I don't just go to bed, I know I am going to fall asleep. I'm hoping the combo of the Saline and Claritin help knock this outta me. So I can get back on track, cross your fingers.


Thursday, August 9, 2012

What is a Workout?

This week I haven't worked out at ALL !?!?!? WTF mate... Yup I came home Monday night with a scratchy sore throat, after taking some medicine and passing out on the couch early I figured I would simply workout Tues thru Fri and rest then make a rest day either Sat or Sun. Welp when I woke up sick on Tues morning and called out of work, working out was out of the mix.

Ripley was a big 'ol Cuddle Bug, that is his favorite part of the couch!!!

I wanted to get up early on Wed and do a quick sprinting workout with some Pushups and sit ups added in and maybe a few burpees, but I woke up feeling like death on Wed, Instead I headed for the medicine boiled a gallon of tea to cool my red throat.

Today is the same kinda deal except I AM going to workout tonight... I need to... I had a lobster roll last night and some fries, I need to get my body back into the groove of working out. Afterall I am going on vacation soon and will be spending precisely every waking moment in my bathing suit... I gotta get something going... maybe a run will be just what I need to kick this thing, a run a yummy Paleo dinner and some reading before bed tonight... Sounds like just the cure.

I did also gargle with Salt water this morning since my momma and nana told me too... I hate gargling with salt water its soooo gross, but it did make my throat feel better for like 5 minutes...

The hardest part of working out is making up your mind to actually do it. Once I get into a routine I am usually fine, I know what to do and when to do it. Mind over matter


Beah Butt and Finch Face Reunite

Last Night after work I ran home got Mikey Poo and headed back into the Bean to meet up with Leah and her new BF. We ate at B&G Oysters. It was expensive but super yummy.

Leah is one of my bestest friends and her new man is a sweetie and very nice and funny, we talked so much and I really enjoyed myself. I love meeting with old friends it just goes to show that distance does make the heart grow fonder. I miss all my Hometown Ho-Town chicks we are Crazy all in one and I'm sure they miss me as much as I miss them! I hope....

Ok back to the food....
We Got Oysters South Bay Blonde and East Beach.
Then I splurged and went for there Lobster Roll and boy was it yummy in the tummy.
Lobsta Roll!!
I follow a strict Paleo diet most of the time, I ate clean all day but I wanted to induldge and you just gotta have at least one lobster roll a year, especially if you live in New England.

I ate all the lobster and left most of the fries and some of the roll. So I didn't do too bad for myself. My rule of thumb is if your going to cheat make it a good one, so that's what I did. I follow paleo because it helps me feel better and keep my weight under control, when I crave Guacamole, I make it and eat it with celery sticks or Plantain chips, and not the carb loaded corn chips that really just shovel the guac in anyways.

I am feeling a little better today Throat drops and Tea are my two best friends. Mikey Poo thinks I have Post Nasuel Drip...yuck but he might be right... Hopefully I can kick this sooner rather than later...


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sick Puppy

I woke up with no voice yesterday morning. Ace was a bit confused seeing me open my mouth and no sound come out. After taking him out at 5:30am I laid back down in bed and he curled up next to me. Mikey Poo got me medicine and even made me yummy eggs with carmelized onion in them. He told me eating would help my tummy, and for once he was right.

I had a rough start to the day and since I could barley speak or swallow without wanting to cry I decided to do something I never do and take a sick day.

I had about an egg and some onions for breakfast, luckily Mike scarfed down my remaining eggs, leaving no eggs behind. Then I slept until about 9:30 when I freaked out a little for waking up realizing the day and time and that I was still in bed.

I watched some TV and went through my email and sipped several cups of hot tea... I had no appetite but around 1pm I decided to polish off some salad with some ham and it hit the spot. After another cup of tea and some play time with Ace it was back to the couch.

I got really interested in the show on TLC My 600LB life.

Delicious but FULL OF SUGAR!!!
It really was interesting and heart breaking to watch. I have struggled with my weight so I understand how difficult this can be for MANY people. Which is why I so strongly believe in PALEO. So many people eat the wrong kinds of food and stay away from good healthy foods because of the stigmas placed around everything.

Take a look at these cereals, they boast that they are full of whole grains, but what about the fact that Cinnamon Toast Crunch, while yummy is full of sugar coated whole grain squares??? Does that make any sense?

All of these cereals pack whole grains that are supposed to be good for us but they also pack a ton of sugar. Any normal person looking to loose weight or maintain a healthy diet is being told that this is healthy because it packs whole grains?
I have a big problem with food labels and what is deemed healthy and low fat. For instance, how does one make LOW FAT MAYO? Mayo is simply made my emulsifying eggs and oil with salt and pepper... that's it... The Mayo in the container in your fridge has preservatives that somehow make it live on a store shelf for however long and then live in your pantry or fridge all dependent on whether you "broke the seal".

So exactly what is in your hellmans Mayo? And how can there be low fat mayo? how do you make eggs and oil low fat?

Ok my rant if over for today... Last nights dinner was made my Meggles. She made Crock Pot chicken. 3 Pounds of chicken breast go in and 2 jars of salsa, out comes yummy moist shredded chicken in a salsa gravy talk about YUM!

Tonights dinner is at B&G Oysters
With my favorite person in the world Leah!!! Ahhh Tune in for more of that tomorrow :)


Monday, August 6, 2012

Oh Hey By The Way

Remember me saying how I wanted to run and get ready for that Color Run 5K at the beginning of September?

Welp... When I got out of work on Friday it was a lovely 93degrees here in Boston so after saying hi to the pups and exchanging work out clothes with the roomie I decided to go on a run... with out my Ipod :( Major Fail.

It wasn't as bad as I thought... I didn't run the 1.5 miles I wanted but I did run about a ten minute mile, and I think that was pretty good for my first run in a  while.

I had a few firsts on this run as well:

-I wore a tank top in public.
I usually never wear tanks since I hate my arms and how tight they usually are but I was feeling good and it was hott hott hott...

-I ran without my knee brace.
Since I have had water on my knee and several other knee injuries due to Baton twirling and dance and Tennis I usally baby my knee but I went with out the brace and it was ok...

- I didn't hate running without my Ipod.

-I didn't hide behind the "too hot" excuse and I just ran.

Yep One Hot Mess

Sunday Funday

Sunday was a great day. Ace was up early again, 8am or so. I got up and started to do some unpacking while Mike showered. Then we had coffee and breakfast and then I cuddled with the boys on the couch.

Ace has such a devilish look on his I love that lil guy so much. Ripley wasn't acting quite himself so I think he wanted the cuddle session real bad.

Apparently the mini photosession tired us all out because I fell asleep with the pups and I never did see how that bathroom makeover came out. I did however feel great after my nap and the pups were all up and engergized as well. They were super comfy and cuddly to snuggle with :)

After our nap I got started on my projects for the day, fixing front steps, hanging my hutch ( impossible task so much harder than it had to be ) and unpacking the second bedroom. The house is mostly finished, I need to buy a desk and I will be all done. THANK GOD! Mike's sister came over to see the house, we all had sushi and had a great time overall. I love the new house and I wouldn't want it any other way!