Thursday, September 27, 2012

Today Awesome was Born... Many Times!

25 years ago today I decided I needed my own room, so I left the womb (yup Today is my birthday, and in case you didn’t know I am a Twin)… 
This Lovely pic is from our 21st Bday... Pre Alcohol, and Drama, and Tears, and Vomit, and Laughter!!! 
 Ok now that you have the creepy and weird picture in your head let me just say Happy Birthday to my Twin LINDSAY… You are and always will be OLDER THAN ME, so happy one quarter of a century and a whole minute older than me…. and a whole bunch of other awesome people…

Happy Birthday Jessica! You know we are pretty-much-basically sister In-laws, and were are going to be the coolest Aunts around and I can’t wait until we go CRAY CRAY in NYC!!!

Happy Birthday Michelle my twin from another mother…I miss you and we need to fix this! Jersey Girls-who-move-to-NE-for-Love Reunite!!!
OMG Graduation... Holy Cow I feel Old...
Fun Fact Avril Lavigne was also born on September 27th and so was Samuel Adams the well known real life patriot and poster boy for one of the best beers in the world!

(I had to say one of, because we all know Mike and Dan would rip me apart with there own views of what the best beers in the world are…)

Today is full of work and then some FUN FUN FUN… Mike made me an awesome breakfast consisting of an omelet and hash browns, I am so full I may not eat until dinner. Then after work, I am picking up big boy dog food for our Paleo Pup Ace and then off to the house, to meet the gang for dinner. We are going to Tenichi, and I am sure Scorpian bowls will be had, sushi, and goodness. I will leave room for dessert because Mikey made me a wonderfully delicious looking Paleo Coconut Cake for my Birthday.

I have some of the best friends and family in the world. In true diva fashion, I will close this post by saying, Its My Birthday and I’ll Dance if I want to…


PS: Happy Birthday September Babies… Have a great day everyone, Celebrate with me!!!

PPS: Holy Cow my arms, latts (sp), Biceps, Triceps, and any other EP in the Shoulder region are killing me…Thanks Dan and your Gymnastics Rings…

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Run Fur Fun

Maybe if I looked like this when I ran... I'd enjoy running
 So NO I haven't caught the 5K running bug and anyone who knows me knows that I loathe running... even though I read running blog after running blog in envy of the people who run daily. I love the feeling and being able to say I ran X amount of miles, in X amount of time. It's also super cheap and you can run anywhere and you don't need equipment.

I just hate the actual task... I am not very good at running, I am super clumsy and I hate hearing my breathing during a run I sound like a woman who has smoked a pack a day since she was born. G-ROSS… Anywho Dan has taken a liking into helping Mike and I work out and also in challenging me to a weight loss challenge… You going down Dan!!!

Last night I failed miserably at attempting Handstands, Truth is I have no confidence in my upper body even though I am probably stronger now then I have ever been. I need to work on hand stands and walking up the wall. I also have been working on RING HOLDS. I think the reason I can’t come close to doing pull ups is because I have zero grip strength and mixed with my lack of upper body strength it’s a deadly combination. So I am working harder to correct this.
So Envious!!!
 Truth is I turn 25 tomorrow and I want to be on the path to being in the best shape of my life and I need to HELP myself. I am tired of wishing and wanting so I am taking my mental game up a notch and making it happen. I want to be healthy and fit from this point on. Yep I want to be a “hot mom” someday and so better start now right! Mike has gotten better when it comes to being willing to work out so I am encouraging it. GO MIKE!

In an effort to make this a family affair I want Ace Face to join in the fun… So we as a family are signed up for the MSPCA Run Fur Fun. It’s a 5K and I am going to train with Ace and he’s going to do it. He has gone on hikes with Dan and Meg and I know he can do it. Running 3.1 miles I am not sure, but I plan on starting him off slow. Tonight Ace Face and I will run a mile and see how we do. I’ll keep you updated on his progress in the Paleo Puppy Section.


PS ---This Chick recommended the book Let’s Pretend This Never Happened, which was written byThis Woman, who is lets just say AWESOME!!! I can’t put it down… I am hooked. I kind of want to read a little at work. Yep so go and buy it!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Just another day in Paradise...

First Things First....


I have good looking friends... :)
Yep September Birthdays continue... and continue... Anywho so we have an Obscene amount of fresh apples and pears in the house... its kinda ridiculous...

Also Dan (Mike's Bro and one of our roommates) paid for a Paleo challenge and he is challenging me that in two weeks he will loose more LBs than me... What is he nuts... So I am going to be strict Paleo for the next two weeks and working out like a fool. Of course I am going to have to work extra hard on Fri and Sat seeing as how my 25th Birthday is Thursday and I am going into NYC with my girls....

This will be good for me... I need a kick in the butt, I got up and worked out this morning. I did some Tabata
yep at 5:30am.. Ace Face was funny he thought it was a game and kept biting my arm and running away and then back towards me.... he's so silly...

Oh yeah and he had an apple for the first time.... he loved it and ate it right outta my hand... of couse I took it away before he got the seeds or core.... Dogs can't eat the seeds or they can be deadly but the rest of the apple was ok... He's so darn cute and smart...


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Apple Picking


This weekend the love of my life came to visit me and I was a VERY happy camper!!
This is a Throwback from College!!!
Look how B-E-A-UTIFUL she is!!!

So Friday night we hung out and had Paleo Burgers and just caught up on our lives. Saturday I made eggs and Bacon and we went Shopping to Christmas Tree Shop and Five Below and then we spent a little while driving around looking at houses and talking about girlie things. Then OF COURSE... We went home and painted our nails. Em tried OPI's new Gel nail polish and we learned a big lesson, ALWAYS assist Emily in nail painting! Love ya Emily!!!

Then we went out for a sushi dinner and then came back to hang out and watch some TV movies. It was such a laid back weekend but it was soo much fun getting to bond with my love!

Sunday me and the roomies went Apple and Pear picking at Honey Pot Orchards. OMG such a cool place and soooooo many people.We got a ton of apples and pears so be on the lookout for Paleo Apple Pies and Paleo Pear creations!

Once we got home I TRIED to do some work but my laptop stood in the way so I hung some new curtains and experimented with a Paleo Pizza. IT IS THE BEST PIZZA EVER! Go and make it NOW....UM Seriously... Its perfect for anyone who wants to eat paleo and wants to steer clear of the almond flour crusts and its totally customize-able. You can put as many toppings and in so many different varieties.

I know I added cheese to mine, but it was a very small amount and it was a VERY good and fresh kind. Since Dairy doesn't really affect me I allow it every once and a while... and besides the small amount of cheese on top is the best non Paleo thing to eat.

Mike is watching the Patriots, and since my Cowboys won today I am one happy camper... I plan on heading to bed and reading a bit. Tomorrow I am GOING to be up early to get in a quick workout.Tabata anyone??? Catch ya on the flipside.



-Whats your favorite dessert to make with Apples or Pears?
-Is it weird that I WILL BE 25 on Thursday and I NEVER had a Pear?

Friday, September 21, 2012

So What Do I Eat?

I get asked this all the time and I just saw a video floating around the interwebs about what Crossfit athletes eat and it is very similar to what I eat. I still do Crossfit and Tabata WODs at home and so I need to make sure that I am fueling my body right.


I eat:
Meats ( Grass fed Beef, Chicken, Pork,)
Fish (Cod, Salmon, Hake, Shrimp)
Green Veggies ( Asparagus, Broccoli, Spinach, Broccoli Rabe)
Celery (MmM with fresh ground Nut Butters)
Grapes (Red ones are my Fav)
Dark Chocolate ( on occassion)
Plaintain Chips
Bacon (Natural and Nitrate Free with NO ADDED SUGAR)
Natural Deli Meats  with Low or NO Sodium

Healthy Fats:
Olive Oils
Cocount Milk

Check out this Video that I found that shows that I don't really "eat weird" and that in fact I eat like alot of other people out there!!! Check Out The Video


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Yes Ashley People Read Your Blog...

Just when I start to think that I am writing into the abyss of the World Wide Web and I think no one reads this blog of mine I just surprised. So thanks to all the awesome people who have reached out and asked me about Paleo and support my blog! It means the world to me and it makes my day…  So I recently got some questions on how to start Paleo so I decided to put together an ALL STAR list of Tips and tricks… If I left anything out or you have any specific questions just let me know! I am here to help!

How to start Paleo

When I first started learning about Paleo I was turned off because it was very complicted and meant that I needed to learn a whole new way of cooking and I liked the way I cooked. Then when I decided that it was time to loose weight and I joined Crossfit I realized that Paleo was going to be a way for me to jump start my healty life, I had every intention of going back to how I ate with the exception of indulging a little too much. Once I started on Paleo and fully understood how my body felt with the different foods I ate that’s when I became hooked.

So if you read my blog and your interested in Paleo give it a try. Try it for a month and be strict. Go head first and see if you notice a difference. It might be hard in the beginning but after that month your palette will change and it WILL become easier. Trust me!

-Clean out your cupboards and purge your fridge and freezer of anything processed. If you can’t grow it or kill it then you can’t eat it. Breakfast will consist of lots of eggs and fruits and proteins like bacon or deli meats. You can even eat leftovers for breakfast, yup ditch the leftover pizza you can eat steak and eggs.

-Donate and give away your sugar and milk and half and half. I am not a fan of drinking my coffee black so I put SO Delicious French Vanilla coffee creamer in my coffee and I can’t taste the difference. They have a regular flavor and also a hazelnut. Stock up on Flavored Teas, these are great at night for dessert and they come in a variety of flavors that you don’t even need to add any sugar. Staying away from added sugar and processed foods will really help. If you don’t cook with sugar you won’t crave it. Stick with natural sugars in fruits and vegetables.

-Buy better quality eggs. Lets Face it you are what you eat. If you buy the cheap eggs at the store that don’t say cage free and vegetarian feed or grass fed, then your eating eggs from a farm that they chickens were kept on close quarters with other chickens, live and dead and they were fed chicken and other animal parts. Which means they wont be as “healthy” for you. Look for Cage Free and Grass or Vegetarian fed. Typically they will run you 3 bucks for a dozen or an 18 pack. Which isn’t bad.

-Buy good quality meats, Grass fed beef and free range chicken. Did you know the reason why Salmonella is even an issue when I comes to red meat is because farmers for big companies feed corn diets to the cows, which is not easily digested and then when taken to slaughter houses the undigested bacteria contaminates the entire facility, and that they actually “clean” the beef with an ammonia additive that is mixed in with your ground beef. Yup check out this movie if you want to learn more.

-Keep it simple. In the beginning Paleo can seem overwhelming and that there are a lot of rules, just keep it simple. Make steak and a veggie or two, or make chicken wings with a dry rub of spices, ( watch out for pre mixed spices that have added  sugar) Grilled Fish with a mix of veggies. Pick a protein and then a few veggies on the side.

- Don’t count calaries, and eat when your hungry. If its noon and your not hungry then wait until you are hungry. Snack on veggies and fruit if your hungry while you wait for dinner. Drink plenty of water and stay away from bottled teas with sugar in them.

- Oh yeah and eat as much as you want. If you make a pound of chicken and your hungry go for it. Cook with real butter and oils, stay away from anything that says healthy and is processed. Nine times out of ten if there is a label on it saying its healthy then there was some kind of processing going on.

-Get used to not eating grains and if you have to make special orders when eating out. Ask for more veggies and even say you have a gain allergy if you want to avoid any confusion.

Paleo is simple and once you get a hang of it you can experiment with other Paleo recipes. The best advice is to do your homework. See what works for you and learn the science behind Paleo and why you feel better on it. Some of my favorite Paleo bloggers are; Everyday Paleo, Nom Nom Paleo, PaleOMG, and Robb Wolf.

As always if you have any specific questions feel free to ask. I am here to help and educate anyone who wants to learn. If you want a free cheerleader tell me your story and I will brag about you on here to all my awesome readers (thanks mom)


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Three or Six Meals a Day

I read a ton of blogs and usually try out new ones based on what my blogger friends suggest. The ones I visit the most are....
GM Runs 
Run Eat Repeat
PB Fingers 
Hungry Runner Girl 
Nom Nom Paleo

Just to name a few... I saw this on a post on Run Eat Repeat
Eat THREE – not six – meals, which gives the intestinal tract time in between meals to rest and heal. If you have erratic eating habits, such as "grazing all day,"  the digestive fire is always on and soon the incessant digestive process begins to irritate the intestinal wall.
In the old days a farmer could spend hours in the fields with no problem. Imagine if they had to come into the house every 2-3 hours for a snack!  This kind of blood sugar instability is a modern day imbalance.
Six meals a day is a medicinal diet for treating the symptoms of severe hypoglycemia. It was never intended to be a way of life. Nowhere else in the world have humans eaten constantly until this vain American experiment. We are told that eating six meals a day will help us lose weight by keeping the metabolism high and revved up and that it won’t let the body store fat.
  • We are not meant to have our metabolism revved up all day. It depletes and exhausts the adrenals (which ultimately causes fat storage) and never gives the digestion a rest.
  • While we won’t store fat eating every 2-3 hours, we also will never burn any stored fat. Cancer causing toxins are stored in our fat cells and the fat needs a reason to burn. (More info  below).
  • With blood sugars artificially propped up from constant feeding, the ability to make energy last is replaced with fragile energy, constant hunger, mood instability and extreme cravings if a meal or snack is missed.

It really made me think about Paleo and the lifestyle that I have moved to.  I have been living a Paleo life for almost 8 months now. I have lost a total of 50 pounds and gained muscle. I have never lost weight so fast and kept it off for this long. I work out more frequently and I am in a happier mood overall. Of course there are moments when I give in and cheat a little but for the most part I try and live a healthy life and so far it looks pretty good on me.

I much rather prefer eating WHEN I am hungry and eating until I am full rather then grazing and limiting or counting carbs or points. I tried weight watchers before and it's not fun, you have to tote around a book or search in an app for what your eating and your told how many points a day you can spend. That sucks. How about I eat a 1lb steak with a sweet potato and butter...( yup its Paleo) and then for dessert eat some bananas and nut butter freshly ground!( Paleo too).

I know what foods agree with me and what foods don't and even though I have noticed that I have small intolerance's I know my body and how it works and I'll live a longer and healthier life because of it.

-What are your eating habits?
-Do you follow Paleo or a specific Lifestyle ?


It's A Boy!!!

Last night I'm Sitting on the couch watching Knuckleball and eating dinner (Zoodles and Meatballs)
then I get a phone call from one of the most awesome people in the world. Tracey, and she was shocked that I hadn't been bugging her all night asking what the sex of the baby is, since they found our last night and she is obviously preggo. Yup I knew early on, when it was a mere Speck in her uterus...

Anywho its a boy and thats awesome because her Hubby MARVIN.. wanted a boy so he can carry on the family tradition and name. So the little guy is going to be Marvin Hector Autrey IV. Super Cute... I can't wait to spoil the little guy and I already have soooo many things I want to buy!!!
How awesome is that onesy! Pretty freaking cool and True :)
Any ways, I loved the movie and the baby news was icing on the cake. Tonight I am going to see Carrie Underwood LIVE in Concert with my Family! How awesome is that? Pretty Sweet.

Anything Fun and Exciting going on in your life? Where is the best place to buy baby clothes?

Monday, September 17, 2012

I work out....

So I have been sticking to my workouts and I am still doing the two week crossfit challenge at home. I switched up some of the workouts but I have done all of them so far. I am not letting excuses creep in. If I want to go out at night, then I better be waking up early and working out, or I must do it when I get home and do the whole shower thing again.

Thurs, Fri, and Sat I was sooooooooooo sore. I was supposed to work out on Saturday and rest on Sunday. I had a lot to do around the house on Saturday, so once I had my coffee I got to work, Up and Down stairs and in here and over there, I was moving all morning. I hopped in the car to make a quick run to Whole Foods which is only 5 mins away and I was stiff and so sore once I got out. So on Saturday I “rested” and did my workout on Sunday.

This week is going to be rough but I will make it work. I am determined to shed a few pounds and to tone up. I want to get a little leaner and gain more muscle by the end of the year. I am attending a wedding in November so I want to look good in a new dress that I plan on buying myself. My goal is to be too thin to wear the few dresses I have in my closet and to have my arms toned so they look good, in a strapless dress. If I don’t get leaner and more toned I don’t buy the dress! Simple as that.

I think that is a good goal for me. I am happy for the most part with how I look, I want to have my abs peaking out by next summer that is my long term goal. I am not looking for a full six pack, but definitely to loose all the excess flub and have a more defined mid section. I need to have long term and short term goals to keep me on track. My brain is reprogrammed to know what I can and can’t eat. I am very good with keeping the cheats to a minimum and I get pissed when I go for a cheat that isn’t work it.

I am finally getting in control of my life and diet. Oh yeah and I feel so much HAPPIER when I work out!


How awesome do I look in my Miles Austin Jersey. 
 True Story: Mike bought that for me for my 23rd birthday and it's a women's Medium
-->and it was very tight and barely fit over my hips and I NEVER wore it and now I love wearing it. I feel so cute and stylish… PS I bought him that Jersey and its personalized and Yep I am a Cowboys Fan and he’s a Pat’s fan… We make it work!

Sunday Funday

This was how I started my Sunday Morning. Cuddling on the couch with my favorite pup Ripley, Ace was not pleased with me. But if you know Ripley you know he is not big on cuddling, so I was pumped to have 20 minutes of cuddling and kisses with him.

Of course Ace had to jump and join the cuddle fest with Mom and Dad. He passed out like this on us durning the Pats game, yeah I know I didn't want to watch either. 

This was my breakfast... the Best Breakfast EVER! Bacon in my eggs with ketchup. Yeah I know I'm weird and put ketchup on my eggs, I must be from (PA) lol... 

Look I finally put together our Second bedroom, who wants to be the first to come over and sleep  in here? Yes I will get better curtains and that box in the corner with the lamp on it will be switched out for a real table. But look at the progress people!!! Stuff hanging on the walls and a bed made complete with my favorite stuffed animals...


Bar Hopping

So the Weekend was a Goodie....Friday afternoon I was in the mood for a Pumpkin-Fall-Cocktail. Something with a lot of flavor. It had also been a long week and I was looking for some happy hour after work. A simple drink, plus I looked super cute on Friday with a Corduroy skirt on . We ended up going home and I worked out quick, showered, and threw my cute outfit back on.

We went out for dinner and drinks at about 8pm. I was STARVING and getting cranky. We went to the Local in Newton and it was pretty cool. We had to wait 20 mins for a table and so we found a few seats in the window and sipped on a few drinks and snacked on some fried pickles. They were DELISH! I had an Allagash White before dinner and a Shipyard Pumpkin with dinner. Shipyard is my least favorite pumpkin beer but it filled my craving for fall...

Saturday morning I cleaned the house with the boys, later there Family showed up and we enjoyed the deck and then went out for dinner at another bar in Newton The Biltmore.
The FOOD AND DRINKS WERE AMAZING!!! I got Southern Tier's Pumpking. which IS the best pumpkin beer ever

This beer is the best because it has SOO MUCH flavor and it tastes like your eating pumpkin pie which is awesome. Being a beer it also has a ton of flavor and it up there in the alcohol content, so drinking ONE or even a HALF is good.

For dinner I went with the Biltmore Burger and it was awesome. Homemade Mayo, Grass Feb Beef, seasoned perfectly. It was amazing and I can't wait to go back.

Whats your favorite Seasonal Beer or Cocktail?


Friday, September 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Dan...Tabata!!!

Let me start off by saying, HAPPY BIRTDHAY DAN!!!! 
What an OLD Man!!!!
Dan got an Inversion Table from Megan for his birthday and he loves it. He is going to be hanging upside down all the time now. The dogs like it too which is strange since they don’t even know what it is. Anywho, the Martin Family will be invading the house tomorrow and so that will be fun… The month of September birthdays continues.....

So last night I decided that I would swap todays workout for yesterdays. I am doing a 2 week crossfit Work out plan at home… It tells me what to do when and what days to rest. Its pretty cool. Mike agreed to join me but bailed last night, but I’ll get him to start tonight.

This is SUPER Cool... It does all the timing for you and Ace loved hearing the random beeps

 Last night I did Tabata instead of what was scheduled for the simple fact that Burpees were on the list and the only spot in the house with substantial carpet had an inversion table being set up. So I here is what I did.
4 Mins of a workout with 20 seconds on and 10 Seconds off

Today I am SUPER Sore… which means these next two weeks are going to kick my butt, and I am going to be super sore.

I did however buy a massage deal off Groupon. Who loves Groupon and Living Social deals? I think I have a small obsession with these things!!! Happy Friday!!!


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Terrible Run Down... But Yummy Meal After

So last night I went home and changed and went for a run and tried out the app that I have been hearing about from all my favorite bloggers... Run Keeper. This was my less than stellar run,
Next time remember to keep running until you finish those .3 miles....ugh makes me sooo mad   
See I was MAD
 After that I went downstairs and did core and strength training until I wanted to die. I am in desprate need of crossfit in my life so I will be doing this two week plan starting tonight. I will also blog my results on here. I know aren't you excited!!! This 2 Week Plan I found on one of my FAVORITE bloggers site, Carrots 'N' Cake. She always has the best advice!

Last night's dinner was AWESOME though... I made one steak, and one chicken breast cut into stips and seasoned with a spicy dry rub. Then I made fresh steamed brocolli and mashed sweet potatoes. OMG so yummy. I even took the left over Broccoli and Sweet Potato with me to work for lunch.
Yes I know I am missing a Protien, Some how I forgot to pack some deli meat... Whoops Maybe I'll get a Latte after Lunch.

So yep that's my lunch and Mike and I start Crossfit Bosworth tonight. Yep Crossfit in out own home! I am sure I'll be plenty sore tomorrow...

Day 1
3 rounds for time of:
10 burpees
20 squats
30 situps

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I failed... I got home and Muscled in a delivery B-day preset for Dan
His birthday is Friday and Meggles ordered him a gift off the Interwebs and it came yesterday afternoon. He knows what it is and was shocked when he came home and didn't see it since he... Knew it had been delivered. I hid it being the good and silly roommate that I am. I am sure he will be digging it out later from my awesome hiding spot. Aka in our basement....

Anywho, my plan was, get home, change and then go for a run, and well that didn't happen. After wrestling the gift into the house. I took the pups out and they immediately started to play tug-o-war with the rope. Which was all fine and dandy until they woulnd't stop. Ace has been having issues with sharing and protectiveness and so after breaking them up and watching them like a hawk they calmed down. I decided to work with Ace and train him to relax rather then running. I know I know lame excuse, but I WILL RUN TONIGHT!!!

For dinner though I out did myself :) I made Homemade Burgers with Pulled Pork, Roasted Asparagus and Sweet Potato Fries :)
See I had some leftover Pulled Pork that I made a few days ago and I didn't want to waste any so I revived it with some yummy BBQ sauce and then topped my burger with the meaty condiment and called it dinner. It was super yummy and Mike raved over the pulled pork that he had gotten tired of eating and complaining it was dry. I made a dry rubbed pulled pork that was super easy to do in the slow cooker. A little touch of BBQ sauce, Applesauce or with a fried over easy egg the possibilities were endless with this yummy meat treat.


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New Goals...One a Day

I decided that I set myself up for failure trying to do too many things at once. So I came up with this bright idea. I am going to have a new goal each day, now don't get worried I won't bore you everyday with my little goals but I will periodically check in and let you know how I am doing.

Today's goal is run 1.5 miles!

Run Keeper Cool New App I downloaded
Each day I will have either a Workout, Cooking, and or Personal Goal that I need to accomplish, and if I son more than one that's just gravy!

Let's see how this all works out, I'm off to check off my 1.5 mile run and then to cook dinner!


What do you think are more affective short term or long term goals?

Oye...Pizza an American Staple?

Gluten Free Diets and people that are on them is something I just don't get? Promise me Eat Weird Readers that you don't just read my blog and then take what I have to say and just believe it. What I write on her is my opinion and my research on what is healthy for MY body type. I believe that Paleo can make you feel better, however I can't prove it will make you live longer or anything like that. This space is for me to vent and try out ideas, share recipes and point and laugh at journalists who write articles with quotes like this in them...

"Giving up gluten basically means abandoning most of the staples of the American diet: cereal, sandwiches, pizza, beer, cookies, and cakes."

I am pretty sure that if that is what the typical diet for American primarily consists of then I have cracked the case on why our obesity rates are so darn high...

What this article says is that a lot of people are going Gluten Free... but WHY? If you have Celiac's disease then you may put your hand down, but if your buying foods that say they are gluten free then I need an explanation.

I don't eat grains therefore I don't eat gluten, I gain vitamins from veggies and fruits or I take a supplement. My biggest question is why aren't people taking a more serious look at there life and the foods they eat. Why are u eating grains, and rice and quinoa, and flax seeds, do you like the taste or are you following a fad?

Have you ever noticed that a fad diet starts then gets ridiculed, if it lasts it becomes HUGE and then all the Big Time vendors start to get there hands on it.  All the General Mills Cereals that I grew up eating, they weren't made with "whole grains" when I ate them, but now they do. In fact you can't even buy it with out it anymore. More and more big companies jump on the bandwagon of fad diets, they create low fat foods, or diet versions.

Do you know what can't change the packaging and join the Fad Diet Bandwagon Fresh Fruits and Veggies, and locally grown cattle and chickens. Support your local farmers and do some research before you label yourself.


Monday, September 10, 2012

Six Years and Counting...

So it was 6 years ago today that I woke up, freshman in college and severely hung over. I remember waking up in a random room of a random bed. My friend Ryan passed out on his own floor and me in his bed. What a gentlemen. His roommate in a ball on his bed passed out. I woke up thinking where am I, and thought Hmmm maybe you should go to the bathroom before you paint his walls a new color of black cherry vodka. I puked, and walked back to my room, with a pounding headache and a queasy stomach. My roommate told me to drink water and tea and to eat pretzels. While in bed trying to recover I remembered it was Tracey’s Birthday and decided to call her and wish her a Happy Birthday and also to get the cure for a hangover: her idea, to suck on the salt of pretzels and eat a greasy piece of pizza or greasy burger! Tracey for the win. It was her Birthday and 6 years later what do you know she is still born on the same day! Happy Birthday Tracey! I hope HASS parties in your uterus today! ( She’s preggo and I nicknamed the fetus HAAS) ( They still don’t know the sex and she follows the size of the baby online and each week it’s a new fruit or vegetable, My favorite one was the avocado stage since I LOVE avocado so I nicknamed it Haas.)
Happy Birthday Tracey!!!
Anyways back to the story. As I sobered up I remembered that I Kissed a Boy Last Night ( and I Liked It). But I wasn’t sure what he felt. So I called my BFF and got some “great” advice, she told me MOST guys don’t think too much of drunk kisses so play it cool and act like you don’t remember it. Well later we all met for breakfast and I saw Mike for the first time, He was hung over too… Anyways he asked me about the kiss and I said “ ohhh man we kissed I totally don’t remember that” Welp his face went sad and I immediately said I REMEMBER and then told him how it happened. Yep It was classic. Funny story we have totally diff recollections of that night. I rememeber a very “movie Esque” moment where time stood still and it was silent. Mike remembers the kiss and hearing nothing but his roomie saying “woah guys there going at it”. Long Story short (Too Late) we started dating on September 10th 2006 and have been going strong ever since. He’s my best friend and we have been through a lot! We have a lot to be proud of, a house (renting), a Puppy Ace Face, Sweet Cars, and each other.

We are trying to save for our “furrytail” Wedding and hopefully the puzzle pieces keep falling into place! Until then we will keep chugging along like the-old-6-years-and-counting-married-couple we are!!!

Enjoy some Pictures of us over the last 6 years!
Mikes first Formal Dance...

He hates this pic... I love shows his silly side!!
On Vaca... we always get sunburned
I miss Sunday Dinners at Grandma's
US Today... Living the Paleo Dream!!!

"You eat Weird" 7 Tips to the Dinner Party!!

So I said a month or so ago I would make a guide for eating out at other people’s houses. Welp I finally did, thanks to some encouragement from a fellow reader! Thanks for keeping me on my toes!!!

Here are my 7 Tips for staying Paleo and still having a good time at dinner parties and holidays. 

  1. Always ask what’s for dinner-
It’s good to know what the host is planning on making so that you can plan accordingly. Some people may know you eat Paleo or not, try not to make them feel pressured or obligated to cook Paleo or change the meal just for you. Just ask in a fun way “so Top Chef what’s on the menu tonight” or something to that affect.
  1. Always bring something-
Especially if you know the meal is going to have a ton of starch or grains or foods you don’t eat bring something that does, like a salad or an appetizer. If you’re afraid of offending the host with the mostest, then bring a bottle of wine or a six pack of beer. Even if you don’t drink it you always feel like your giving them something to thank them for having you into their home.

* You can always bring a special brewed tea or a mixed basket of seltzer waters and fun garnishes like cherries, limes, lemons, or fruits. That way you are sure to have a drink and can share with others who might have normally stuck to booze…

  1. Eat before you go-
If you know the menu is not going to be Paleo and your will power is significantly low, eating beforehand can help you stick to your guns and only eat those foods that are more pure like veggies and fruits. I used to go to friends houses and not eat ALL DAY and then constantly graze and eat, that is definitely not a good idea.

  1. Talk to the Host-
If you have a gluten or grain allergy talk to the host of the party to make sure they aren’t serving a Pasta dish. You may think it’s rude to pre order food, but there is nothing worse than being a host and watching someone not eat and feel awkward and hungry. Just make sure you state your allergy ahead of time when they make the invitation.
  1. Suggest a Pot Luck-
If you’re an avid cook like me suggest to the host that everyone bring a dish, Someone brings the veggies, the Host takes care of the meat or main course, someone brings an appetizer, and someone a dessert, and you can make it BYOB.

  1. Eat only the Meat and Veggies-
Chances are most people eat a block meal, which means they make a starch which is usually a grain or a starch like  a potato, a veggie or two and a protein. So if it’s sit down, either ask to be given your meal without the starch or “non paleo” portion. Or just switch with a friend, most people will gladly take your serving of bread or your roll. Just try not to switch plates if it’s a classy meal.

  1. What to do if your served Pasta or a Non Paleo Cassarole-
Paleo is very new and uncommon for most, so if you are served a dish that is non paleo you have two options, To eat or not to eat. I always take a little and taste it, and if I am super hungry I usually will cut out early with an excuse of finishing up something for work, or gotta take the dog out. Then just thank your host and say next time dinner is at your house, so Fido is always taken care of. That way you control the menu and you don’t have the added stress. Then just head home and fry up and egg or two to satisfy your Paleo food craving belly.

Whether you decide to stick with it or have a “cheat” night there is no excuse to stop having friends just to feel and eat better. If your friends are open to trying new things have a Paleo party and introduce them to your way of cooking. You can make them one of your favorite Paleo dishes like Paleomg’s Buffalo Chicken Meatloaf or have a Paleo cooking party and have one friend be your sous chef for each course. They can learn some basic cool cooking tips and also give you time to chit chat while you prepare the grub.

Did I cover it all? What are some Major dilemma’s you face trying to be Paleo and eat clean? Do your friends and familes embrace your paleo lifestyle?


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Concert. Rain. and a Foam Pit

Hey Guys....

So I have had a pretty crazy yet fun weekend. Friday I went out after work for a few drinks and then I came home to some yummy slow cooked pork!!!
This was my yummy dinner and it also included roasted Asparagus!!! Such a good dinner... There really is nothing better than having dinner done and ready for you when you come home to eat it!

Saturday I went into Boston for MixFest which is a FREE CONCERT hosting Andy Grammer!!!!
Then Came on my FAVORITE!!!! GAVIN DEGRAW!!!
I absolutely love him!!!
Gavin is MY favorite singer. I had seen one time before, just before my 21st birthday and he was awesome. I wanted to remember how awesome the night was so I copied down his set list. Yep best Set List EVER!!
Gavin's Set List 
In Love with a Girl 
Solider ( His New Single )
I Don't Wanna Be
Follow Through
I Need a Dollar ( Cover of Aloe Blacc)
Chemical Party
Not Over You ( Encore)
The Concert was amazing. We missed a few songs of Andy Grammer because they started early to hopefully be out of there before it rained. It rained a little when Gavin played, it just drizzled. The Heavens waited until Train took the stage before they let it rain!!!! Yep that's right, following Gavin was train. 

It was kinda cool when a few of his rocking songs came on, Like Meet Virginia and umm Drops of Rain on Boston... I mean Drops of Jupiter... it started to rain. Very interesting but it definitely cooled me off. I had such a great time it was an AMAZING CONCERT!!!

Sunday I woke up and within minutes I was on the way to a gym to do some Gymnastics... WAHHHH Yep I got to show off my skills or lack there of as far as what I can do. I did a few AWFUL cart wheels, bridges,   Handstands on the wall, Jumped off into the foam pit, went on the Tramp o line... Yep it was fun... Then I did some shopping with Meg!

Just finishing up and I will be heading to bed. My nice and clean bedroom,with a whole room of clean clothes all folded and put away! I love when I get my chores done!!!! See ya in the A.M. There may or may not be some good news coming soon!!!!


Look how stinking cute my baby is! He fell asleep on the LoveSeat while Mike watched the Pats game... and I was out shopping... he is amazing. I love my Ace Face!!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Happy Friday!!!

aches and pains aches and pains in your body.... in your body...
Last night we celebrated Megs Birthday... Dan made her a fantastic dinner she opened presents and we even had Birthday Cup Cakes :) I made Chocolate cupcakes with a chocolate ganache like frosting I followed my Own recipe and they were good but they were definately better as mini's and note to self next time don't use paper liners...

This morning I DIDNT want to get up, I was so comfy cozy and Ace Face wanted to cuddle... He woke me up crying because he couldn't get on the bed. So I scooped him up and cuddled until 6. Hes sooo funny every morning at 530 when my alarm goes off he jumps up licks my face and wags his tail and gets all excited. kinda like "Yay its time to party and get up". But once I turn my alarm off he lays down and goes back to sleep.
I decided to stop off and get coffee this morning but it was packed. So after my 930 meeting me and a co worker made a run to Dunkin and I had my first Pumpkin Latte of the season!!!

It was super yummy!!! I have a pork butt in the slow cooker for later I CAN NOT WAIT to see how it comes out... I'll keep you posted...


Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Cowboys are #1 in the NFL

Ogletree and Romo... 

So last night was the first game of the Football season... and Yes I am a Jersey Girl who is also a die hard Dallas Cowboys Fan. Its a long story but Troy Aikeman and Emmitt Smith, and the fact that they are blue and white and have a star as there logo swayed my young mind as a child. Thats right the crazy that I am now was the same crazy when I was a kid...ESPECIALLY if my beloved Troy was sacked... You just don't do that...

Anywho, it was great to see Ogletree a new guy take the reins and DO WORK.... he was great and I loved seeing the passion from Jason Witten even though he played after just having a ruptured spleen. (sp?) I know alot of people joke that my team is made up of pansy's and that tehy are the Cowgirls, but playing and being there for your team is what its about. Plus our boys stepped up and did what they had to do. No Excuses, were there mistakes? Of course but they came back and did what they had to do!

Now I know what your thinking... Ok Paleo girl how do you go to Football Games and eat Paleo or have people over, or stay healthy and eat Paleo with Halloween and Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner. Not to mention all the yummy Pumpkin treats that have surfaced, how do you avoid the AMAZING PUMPKIN MUFFIN FROM DUNKIN? Ashley runs on DUNKINS PUMPKIN MUFFIN..
Look at the beauty :)
So here is my plan... I am going to attempt to make my own Pumpkin muffins and donuts, and even a Paleo version of a Boston Cream. I am going to experiment with my own Paleo Latte's. The way I live now is pretty great, I pick and choose my battles with food. If I want a beer I eat strict, If I opt for a seltzer I maybe indulge a little.
Halloween is a tough thing for many people with kids and Me personally I can eat a pound of Candy Corn a day… So here is a simple trick. Plan out your cheats. I refuse to eat more than a SMALL bag of Candy Corn this entire October. So that means once I finish that I am done. Find other things about the holiday than just food and get creative with your food.

I plan to give you some tips and tricks this fall to keep you thin and trim and keep the candy gummies from literally sticking to your behind. So stay tuned… Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEG AND JOE!!!


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Month of Birthdays

September is always a CRAZY month. This year is especially crazy, Tomorrow is Megan's Birthday!
 and also our friend Joe's Birthday...
 Then Tracey's Birthday is on the 10th of September... Tracey is also PREGNANT which I couldn't say before but now I can shout it to the roof Tops!!! Yay!!!!
I nicknamed her baby Haas :)

Then Its Dan's Birthday... yep him and Meggles are in each others pictures... Yup they are an item or an old married couple like me and Mikey :)
Then Mike and Dan's Uncle Paul and Grandpa are both born in September...
 Let's then not forget my friend for forever and also my wifey... we got married in a pool when we were kids, she turns 25 on the 24th :)
My Wifey
Lindsay My Twin "her" birthday is on the 27th
Yep I said twin...
My Other College life Twin is also on the same day...

And of Course my Bestest in the World... was born One Year and TWO days after me... Miss Emily Jeane

Idk if you noticed but September is an awesome month to be born... and I have GREAT looking friends :)

*Trick Question... Did I forget anyone?