Wednesday, October 31, 2012

All Hallows Eve

<I love Meniacal Laughs >
Happy Halloween to all my YouEatWeird Readers!
So today is Halloween and while it is ONE of my Most favorite Holidays, I am a little bummed out Today because a little thing called Hurricane Sandy wiped out my home state of New Jersey and so I feel guilty being happy and celebrating Halloween while they are all home in the dark.

Although I am going to attempt to hand out Candy and I hope I get some Trick or Treaters! I have always been so jealous of my Nana and Gramps they always get like Hundreds of Trick or Treaters and so I am hoping to atleast get enough to hand out the candy I bought. I will report back in the morning. 

What's Your Favorite Candy to Give out or to Get?
What do Paleo People Hand out For Halloween?

So I have been asked this question and for me I am handing out a bunch of Fun Sized goodies from Walgreens. I know I know, but Snickers and Milky Ways aren't Paleo. But I do know that if I hand out Apples and Oranges they will be thrown out even if I say and show proof that I bought them from Whole Foods and that is just a waste. I also don't want to be that lame person that gives out pennies or pencils so I am giving out Candy. When I have children I am not going to keep them away from candy completely nor rob them of the fun and EXERCISE of Trick or Treating. Realistically how much Candy did your parents let you eat as a child. Plus if you plan a route and have your children walk and not drive them from street to street it's good exercise and they don't even know it. 

Here are my Top 5 Tips for  a Safe and Paleo Halloween

1. Eat a hearty Dinner, Pizza is easy but not nutritious, Make a crock pot chili or pulled pork for convince, and make a bunch of veggies to fill up and energize your trick or treater.

2. Plan Your Route- If you have young kids opt for neighborhoods with flat streets and ones that have more houses. If you have to drive somewhere just make sure you park your car and leave it put until it's time to go home and go to bed. Also check the mileage of your route and make sure your kids can handle the distance. No one wants to carry Superman and his bag of loot in the dark.

3. Wear Your Sneakers- Make sure your kids have good shoes on for the walk and you should wear comfy clothes like workout clothes. You can add a cape or witch hat or go all out to feel festive.

4. Go Out With Friends- Make it a play date for kids and adults. The kids will love being out with their friends and while they run from house to house and door to door you and the other parents can watch and talk about the latest Housewives episode. 

5. Be Prepared- Bring Umbrellas, and warm clothes depending on the weather. Carry a backpack with a few water bottles in case your trick or treaters need some agua to get them up that steep steep driveway. A flashlight comes in handy for your kids knowing where you are and you can use it to guide them up dark walk ways. 

After the fun your kids will most likely be tired but excited about the Candy, Let them have a few pieces and count the candy and then you can take it and hold onto to too make sure they don't eat it all.

Many Dentists do Candy Buy Back Programs and other programs like it that send your Candy overseas to Troops. The Dentist will give you tooth brushes, coupons and even cash for your bag of goodies. So you never know how much that Snickers bar could be worth.


What are you going to be for Halloween?

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Getting Back on Track

So, Since the beginning of the year February 1st to be exact I have eaten pretty much Paleo. Now not to say that in the past month or so I have gone off, because I haven't but I have allowed a few more indulgences then I did before. I have maintained my weigh for a few months now. I have fluctuated in muscle mass up and down but for the most part my weight has stayed the same. I have noticed that I feel much better when I am strict to Paleo and when I don't cheat, even if I don't cheat alot. This weekend taught me one thing, and that is that change is good. Even if I can't drink my guy friends under the table and even if I no longer need Pizza or Pasta to live... THAT IS OK.

I want to make sure that my mind and body are ready for the winter months ahead. Have you ever noticed that you pack on the pounds more around the winter time? I think it has to do with the fact that we are bundled up and not thinking about wearing skimpy swim suits or are cuddled under blankets and curled up on the couch rather than walking the beach.

Think about how much you move during the day (which is longer in the summer because the sun is up longer) versus how much you move in the winter. My Goal for the winter is drop a few more LBS and gain more muscle mass.

I am much more concerned with how my clothes fit and the size of my waist rather than what the number on the scale says. If I can weigh 160lbs with decent muscle on my arms and shoulders and fitting in my clothes then so be it. Never judge a book by its cover or a girl by how much she weights.

Do you have any goals for the Winter?
What season do you feel like you gain the most weight?


Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Ok Ok so Jokes aside this Hurricane was no Joke for NJ, NY, CT, VA and other places. Up here in Ma I bought a Ton of Candles and flashlights, and filled up a container with water and got everything all ready and was ready to be cuddled up pondering deep conversation with Mike and the roommates while eating our pints of Ben and Jerrys and that never happened. Thankfully we never lost power but I was hoping that even just for an hour we would have an internet free home and could just enjoy each others company by candle light.

Anywho, I did spend most of my night texting, Facebooking, and calling Family to make sure that they were OK. Turns out my mom spent the whole night at her store working on cleaning out cases and just doing her best to stay on top of the mess. CRAZY!

It's just incredible how much of NYC is under water and how CRAY CRAY some people were to go out in the storm just to see for themselves. So insane.

I had no work on Monday. SO I spent the day cleaning and doing laundry all before we lost power just in case we did.

-Whats your favorite Storm Activity to do?
-Are you a storm Preparer or do your just wing it and hope your not stranded?


PS. I had some friends who still had work on Monday on the EAST COAST. What would you do if you had work and an impending storm was about to hit, Do you go to work or make a judgement call and stay safetly at home?

Sunday, October 28, 2012

I'm Not 21 Anymore

Location: The couch with my snuggie

Duration: All Day

Condition: Hangover with a headache and upset tummy...


Houston I am NOT 21 anymore...

See ya'll tomorrow we are supposed to get one heck of a storm YIKES!!!

* One reason why Paleo is such a good idea. No Hangovers!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Lucy You Got Alot of 'Splaining To Do...

Hey Guys, sorry I have been MIA for a few days but its been certainly a crazy few days. The weekend was awesome I got to spend some Quality time with my Twin and then I had a great party. Here are a few pictures for you to enjoy from Saturdays party!
Lucille Ball

Count Rip Van Dingle

Me and Lindz

Everyone Loves Lucy

Getting biten by Count Dracula...

Lucy and Dracula
Seriosuly True Love at first Bite!!!
My hair was awesome...

Yikes the punch that nearly killed everyone...

So all in all the party was Super Fun, We have the Bloody Rum Punch and Pumpkin Pie Punch and Apple Cider and Captains, and Beer. It was Crazy. We had alot of fun and in case your wondering my shower was colored RED after trying to get the hairspray out and my pillow case has some lovely red color to it as well.... It was a great party even if it left me on the couch all day on Sunday but thats ok. You always need a complete VEG day from time to time. I also learned that I am no longer 21 anymore and a raging college student. Anywho... now that Halloween is here and I was forced to take my decorations down because of Hurricane Sandy, I am working on getting back into strict Paleo. No more cheats and crazy parties, Any party from here on out will be a Paleo Party from food to drinks and everything in between.

How was your weekend?
Any crazy Halloween Costumes or Stories?


Friday, October 26, 2012

Puppy Love

So... as per this totally awesome chick who I great and gives fantabulous ( yes that's a word) results I thought I would update you on how the pups are getting along...
I Kiss You!!!

It's puppy love! Actually the boys have been getting along great its been a week and a day since we had a fight which is good. We have been working and watching both of them. We think Ace has a little tolerance issue with Ripley and is also protective of Mike and I, so he has lashed out and started fights with Rip that have been super crazy. In the last week and a day though they have been much better. Ace has gotten upset but we have found that positive reinforcement and staying calm and happy has worked well..When ever he gets upset we just make him so something fun and he usually wags his tail and moves on. He has also gotten much better about staying when we come in the door and also for waiting for his food. My pup is learning!

This morning he was even on our bed ( he has become protective of our bed)  with Ripley and he was fine, even after Ripley stole his ball. He just relaxed and then waited for the most opportune time to steal it back... Heh heh heh.. So the pups are doing better and I am Happy for that! Thanks guys for your help!

Onto more important things...
Halloween is just around the corner and so is my Halloween Party. Its tomorrow which is awesome and I can't wait to dress up and have fun. We are also making Bloody Rum Punch... which sounds delicious...

  I still need to:
Finish Scotts Costume
Help Meg with her Makeup
Make Mike look like a Vampire
Do my hair like Lucille Ball
Straighten up the house
Buy some Halloween stuff for the pups
Make spooky concoctions for the party...

I will discuss my party on Monday and maybe you will get some sneak peak pictures this weekend!

-What are your plans for the Weekend? 
-Dressing up for Halloween?


Thursday, October 25, 2012

So Much To Do

So I started the 4 week Plank Challenge from Carrots N Cake and my start time was an AWFUL 55seconds... Womp... That is totally sad but hey I have to start somewhere right? So I was feeling off last night and so I didn't do the plank workout but I plan on doing that workout tonight along with my LONG List of things that need to get done like...
Cook Dinner
Shop for Mikes Costume
Shop for Ace's Costume
Sew Costumes
Plank Workout
and I am sure that I am forgetting some things here... humpf.

My Sweet Boy
Hey... You Got Food...
Food For Thought:

This was Dinner on Tuesday Night... Yum Steak
Monday Night was a wash because Mike had a dinner date with his work peoples... and so I grabbed some food from Whole Foods and it was OK... I was kinda bummed. Then I had this lovely dish on Tuesday. 

Last night I made Paleo Buffalo Chicken Meatloaf and some sweet potato fries...

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ask Me Why...

The Article

Not only do I use my blog to document my lifestyle with Paleo and discuss health topics and gain fitness advice, but I use it as a platform and as a sounding board to voice my own opinions. Its a crazy and wonderful world we live in and it can be cruel sometimes. This story touched me and so I wanted to share it with you.

This young girl took a photo of herself and put it out there for the world to see. She was courageous in saying that my body is my body and no one should tell me how I should look. I have had weight issues and I am finally getting them under control. I get it, some people have strong opinions about what you should be to be healthy but in the end it up to each person to be responsible. You can blame your parents for not having healthy foods, but in the end it's up to you. At work I listen to the Elvis Duran Morning Show on iHeart radio. I grew up in Jersey and grew up listening to Z100 and that morning show. They have a new girl on there team Bethany and she pretty much broke down talking about this story and a little competition they had on who wore it best. I felt so bad for her because even though they were saying she is beautiful and such a great person, it was a subject that was tough one for her.

I feel for people on TV because its a hard place to work. Everyday your being judged and evaluated. I had a strong passion for the Jennifer Livingston story because I wanted to be in broadcast and I was told to my face that I needed to get a hair cut, and wear better makeup, and that dropping some weight would make me more likeable on camera. You have to fit there mold, or it doesn't work. There is a cruel joke in broadcasting that if you can't make it on TV that you then have a "face for radio" insinuating that radio host's are ugly or fat, or whatever and it's not true. I mean These are good looking people at Elvis Duran and the Morning Show.

It's not right to judge and say what is normal and what is attractive, everyone has different styles and tastes. I say this,  be happy with your body, and make sure that your healthy. There is no perfect size, but there is a way to be heathy and stay healthy. Don't Worry about being a size zero, just work on living this one life as best you can. Eat right, and stay moving and have fun. Life is too short to get caught up in what's wrong with the world or anyone else...

Ready for a mood changer... We played with Halloween Costumes last night, Take a Look at this Face!
Lunch Lady Ace Face 

Old Lady Ace Face
 Yea I know Ace is a boy.... Which means I MUST find him a SWEET costume tonight! Im thinking Batman, but we will see.... Have  a great day! Make someone smile.


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Caution: Some Foods Can KILL YOU!

Normally When I wake up the morning I follow the same routine, shower, take Ace out, Feed Ace, Make Coffee, Do Hair and Makeup While Watching Full House...
Every morning Mon-Fri from 6am to 7am on Nick
Then I usually scurry around and get dressed so I can leave by 7:10 or so. Well I have been leaving later to avoid some traffic and this enabled me to catch a little of GMA (Good Morning America). I am THE WORST person to watch the news with because I HATE how some reporters can spin stories and leave you with ideas and facts that are untrue. Which leads me to my Rant for the day...

Article in Question

As a college graduate and adult in the year 2012 I can attest that I make conscious decisions to benefit my well being and the well being of those around me. I have drastically changed the way I eat, and while I may cheat I still stay away from those things that are truly just bad for you.(i.e. Processed Foods)

First of all, the 14 year old girl that died, I am sorry for this but its a tough lesson we all need to face. You can't just drink or eat something without thinking about the consequences of your actions. She was 14 years old and therefore should have had a parent that WOULD NOT allow someone that young to consume even one Monster Energy drink let alone TWO.
-Kids are young and especially a 14year old who can't drive, shouldn't be up late, and therefore should not be tired doesn't need an energy drink.

Then reports come out saying that the family and the girl knew she had a heart condition, but then follows up with the response, "that her doctors had not told her to restrict her physical activities or her caffeine use"... UM HELLO, people with allergies to nuts don't just reach for a bag of peanuts, or a Reese's and then sue there doctors because even though they diagnosed them with the nut allergy they never said not to eat them again. Its one of those "COMMON SENSE" moments. Having a heart condition, and consuming something with many unknown ingredients and unknown caffeine levels is not a smart idea. Especially since caffeine is known to speed up your heart rate and one of the side effects of too much caffeine is a "jittery" or pounding heart beat.
Not Recommended for Children
This is a tough situation but one that was created by the consumer not the Company. While I agree listing caffeine levels on the box or can can help prevent this and other deaths so can just plain old "Common Sense" I am sure if asked the parents of this young teen what they want more, their daughter back or Monster to disclose the caffeine levels I am sure the answer would be there daughter. So lets stop making poor choices and then pointing fingers later, and demanding that things be put in place before someone else gets hurt. How about we look at the grocery stores and how MOST of the aisles are full of processed foods, and the fact that most consumers spend more time choosing chips and deciding on Ice Cream Flavors then they do building meals and snacks around fruits and vegetables. 


Monday, October 22, 2012

Boring Eats

So the Last few days you haven't seen much of my food and that's because it's been boring. I made Gronk Smash Beef Stew (which Mike loved both the dish and the name) on Sunday and that was my last attempt at yummy cooking. Mike had to go to a dinner for work, which resulted in me being lazy and grabbing food at Whole Foods which was a bad idea because it left me feeling hungry and poor. Whole Foods Hot Bar is expensive. Anywho, on the menu tonight is some yummy Sirloin steak, which I am eager to make. So the recipe will be up later. I think I want to make a Red Wine Reduction to go with my beefy steak! MmM.

Check back for that tomorrow!

Fitness Check In:

Mike is supposed to be doing a work out plan that his brother made for him and I am doing the 4 week Plank Challenge, along with some ring work and some Planche Holds.

BTW if you need some new blogs to spice up your daily dose of Blogging here are some of my fav's that I check everyday!

CarrotsNCake - Tina is awesome and she includes a weekly meal plan and posts her daily eats which is fun and inspiring, and after being reluctant the weekly meal plan is a FANTASTIC idea, I have been doing it for two weeks and it takes one less stress away. Plus as an added bonus I strategically make crock pot meals on days when I know I would be tempted to order in.
She also has this ADORABLE Pug named Murphy who makes his way into every post!

HungryRunnerGirl -  Janae, is fun and witty and has the most beautiful baby Brooke. I love that Janae has such a fun and positive outlook on life, and she can eat dessert at least once a day if not more. She stays in check with running a bagillion miles and she even ran everyday while pregnant. Such an Inspiration.
She is TOO CUTE!
GM Runs - I know this chick through a mutual friend (and have never actually met her), and found her blog totally by accident. She is working on getting a BQ (Qualifying for the Boston Marathon) and it inspires me, she goes balls to the wall with working out and running and prepping and it baffles me how much she puts into running. I love her wittiness and her ability to be able to call herself out.
She ALSO has some super CUTE Pups Too!

Well that's it kids... How are things going for you? What are some Blogs you read?

Sunday, October 21, 2012

VIP Pats Tickets?!

Sunday started out like any Sunday, Sleep in, wake up have coffee and breakfast, Make meal plan for the week, and head out to the grocery store for some shopping before coming home to veg and relax with my two favorite boys and watch... NASCAR, Football and RHONJ...

As we were starting our chores for the day Mike Got a call from his boss about going to the Pats/Jets game that day, and of course that seemed more appealing than grocery shopping especially since he had a limo taking him to and from the game, free food, free booze, free shopping at the Pro shop... oh yeah and these AWESOME SEATS...
Jealous Much?
Yep I was hardcore Jealous and so I did what anyone else would do... I went grocery shopping and did laundry and cooked a big pot of Gronk Smash Beef Stew.. and had some wine...

I watched Dallas win with just a few seconds left, and then watched the Pats almost loose it and then come back and win! It was a crazy day of Football... The boys had fun and Ace Face played with a cool toy that leaves treats around.

I met a friend of mine for drinks and dessert after the game... I needed to just get out of the house for a little and hang so that's just what I did. Although I love JJ's they there TV volumes up so darn loud it was kind of uncomfortable. I don't quite know what it is, but I love going to "dive"bars much more than a classy upscale bar. I wore my Throwback Gronk Jersey with workout capris and sneakers. Perfect for throwing back some beer.

-Do you like "Dive" Bars?
  I especially love to people watch at Dive Bars... yeah they are prob drunk but they are harmless...

Saturday, October 20, 2012

One Mocha Latte

Saturday started bright and early... We got up and ran out to get our cars inspected bright and early. The people at the dealership ogled over Mike's car. Then on our way home we stopped for Starbucks. We both ordered Latte's- Me A Salted Caramel Mocha, and Mike a Mocha Latte... Or so we thought.

At this Starbucks they didn't take my name for the drinks and the girl behind me stole my Drink... and then They made Mike a White Chocolate Mocha instead of a regular mocha... He took it anyways and got a free drink coupon....I love Coupons... Then I switched him his latte for mine since I love anything White Chocolate and he enjoyed my Salted Caramel Mocha...
Caring is Sharing People!!!
Then he let me pull in the garage :) He is just so kind.

After our coffees we got ready he went and picked up a pork roast for dinner, I packed us up and we headed out to his parents house in Western Mass...
He Loves Car Rides and taking naps....
We made roasted pork, with roasted sweet potatoes and garlic green beans. I am so mad I didn't snap a picture because it was beautiful and I cut perfect diamonds in that large layer of AWESOME fat that makes the pork so GOOD.


What's your favorite Big Dinner Recipe....
- I love anything roasted or slow cooked.

Are Sweet Potatoes an Acquired taste?
-I LOVE THEM... so no!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Ace and the Great Pumkin

Ace ate a Ton of pumpkin... He surely takes after his momma!!
While I was carving I usually make a little mess with little pieces of pumpkin that fall on the floor. I didn't have to worry about it cleaning up after because Ace Face was right there to clean up after me he's such a good puppy! For those worried or pondering whether Pumpkin is good and safe for dogs to eat... It IS... Check out this article that I found that lists that its good for digestive health, Weight loss, and Urinary Health.

Ace Face got a hold of a pumpkin seed too while we were scraping out the guts and I am sure Mike had a heart attack and stuck his fingers down his throat to retrive the seed, with ZERO luck. Our pup swallowed it like a champ, HOMF... Mike googled pumpkin seeds for dogs and we learned that they can be REALLY GOOD for there Gut. Pumpkin seeds are great at curing and aiding in parasites in pups which is always good news for this Paleo Pup... Ace will be getting some pumpkin in his food this weekend! Everyone needs a yummy treat now and then. Lets talk about how my pulled pork came out great, but the bag of Candy Corn I ate while carving pumpkins was even better... Yeh I know Candy Corns or Corn period is not Paleo but it was made with real honey...

They do say that you need to be careful with the seeds for chocking hazards, but they say pulsing it through a spice grinder into a powder and sprinkling on your dogs food is a great way to give them the health benefits and omit the hazards that come with seeds.

Now onto the pumpkins... They came out GREAT!!! Can you guess which one is mine??


-Do you feed your dogs people food? Not from the table of course?
-Ever feed your dogs raw meats?

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Barf Breath

So... Last night/this morning was a whole bunch of crazy wrapped up into one. I came home and started on dinner and also dinner for Tonight. Last night I made Paleo Shepards Pie, but instead of the Mashed Cauliflower on top I went with Mashed Sweet Potato.

I decided to try the Sweet Potato, because I love them, They Are Paleo, and it would give the creamy smooth texture that Cauliflower mash can't. It came out AMAZING! So yummy and I used a mixture of Ground beef and Ground lamb and it was perfect! Paleo Shepards Pie is a winner! I also made a bigger portion this time which was amazing!!!

While I let the Shepards pie firm and toast up in the oven  I made a quick batch of Paleo BBQ sauce from Make It Paleo. I cheat a little with this recipe. They say you need to cook the sauce to develop the flavors, but I put it in the crockpot with some kind of pork and so I let it do its flavor enhancing thing in the crock pot.
I am making Pulled Pork since I got a craving on Monday after watching Man V Food

Right now as we speak a HUGE pork Butt is slow cooking with my homemade Paleo BBQ Sauce and it will be nice and ready and waiting for me when I go home! YUM I love slow cookers. 

Now back to the Crazy... So last night all was well until bedtime, Ace (who has behavior issues) I was trying to get his attention and he flipped and him and Ripley got into a big fight. Clumps of hair was left behind and Ace was upset. We separated the two immediately and Ace retreated to his cage we coaxed him out long enough to check him for any wounds but he went right back in his crate. I put him on our bed and he wanted nothing but to be in his crate. So we respected his space and let him be. Usually in the middle of the night he cries for me or Mike to shine our phone on the bed so he can hop on, only I never heard him cry last night. I did wake up with him sleeping on my bladder and he stayed there for quite a while UNTIL... all of a sudden I heard someone, something, was dry heaving and there is Ace standing next to me trying to throw up off the side of the bed.( Hes kinda smart for at least knowing to throw up directly on me or our bed) Mike and I were instantly awake. Nothing like vomit to wake you right up, Actually I prefer coffee much more than that.
This was Pre Fight- Pre solitary Confinement-Pre Bladder Sleeping-Pre Vomit
 Anywho, after our impromptu cleaning spree it was time to get ready for the day. I got ready for work, prepared the Pork Butt and Added my sauce to the slow cooker and I was done. Easy Peasy.

Tonight's dinner will be Pulled pork and ColeSlaw. Super Easy followed by Pumpkin Carving/Painting!!! I am Super Excited for the festivities...


-Have your pets ever vomited on you? 
-Have you ever had a dog with Behavior problems? How do you get them to get along with other dogs?

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I Challenge You!

I can’t help but think of the debate and how it directly effects my everyday life. I have been fascinated with speech and communication and since I was little I have worked on my presentation skills and have been able to pin point who practiced and who just has an effortless ease with communication.

Last night’s debate was right up my alley and I felt for those who were given the chance to ask questions. Had I been there I would have been well versed and ready to deliver my question without fault. (But that’s just me) I don’t want to get all political on here because my mom always said “never talk about politics and religion” But… Sorry mom, I just can’t help it.
They got a little heated... and it annoyed me they kept interrupting each other...
 As I watch these debates I hop back and forth between Facebook and Twitter to see what everyone thinks and two things usually happen,
-1. A celebrity makes a comment about their looks or clothes
-2. People make ignorant comments and statements simply without listening or doing research.

I have been watching and reading and I can say with confidence that when I make my vote on election day ( Like all Women, Men, and anyone the age of 18 and older should do) I know with confidence that I believed in most of what my candidate preached, that I knew that they most likely would disappoint me, and that the elected in the end my choice or not was going to run the country, end of story.

I am realistic, hearing these men (c’mon ladies stand up and get in there) talk about ALL THEY PLAN to do, I know when the time comes things might change and parties may disagree and there is nothing I can do, but on election day… I did my job. I raised my voice and I was heard. (Something not all women have been able to do)

It’s just like when you were in grade school and you had school elections and the popular kid gets up on the table and says he will abolish homework if elected, and make Lunch Times longer, while the Book worm promises new books for the library and extended study periods. We all know that if the popular kid was elected, we would still have to hand in our Spanish homework and that 5 page term paper due at the end of the year would still be due. Things change, and we need to change with it, I am not going to say who I am voting for, I am 40/60 on who I am going to vote for.

Before I go I leave you with this,

I challenge you to go out and vote and make an educated decision, read up on the candidates and participate in your future.

I challenge you to get healthy or maintain healthy, how can we debate our friends and make comments about the president if we aren’t around to witness it.

I challenge you to ask why and question what you read in newspapers and hear on the news. Just because they wear a suit and have the hair-do doesn’t mean there words are golden.

Finally I challenge you to make each day amazing and live it like your last. Forgive the petty fights and look to a better and brighter tomorrow.


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Just Let Me Love You

That song describes my relationship with working out... it's a love and hate kind of thing.

Last night I was trying to do Tabata and this kept happening....
Ace Face thought I was playing...
While I was doing Squats Rip kept jumping on me and when I got on my yoga mat to do some Tabata crunches Ace thought it was a game and kept running behind me and biting my arms...

My issue with working out is simple really. I plan to do it and then life just gets in the way and I tell myself that I will work out tomorrow although something else comes up... Right?!

I am working on getting more upper body strength. I want to be able to do a PULL UP and so I am working on my grip strengh. I can only hold on for 16secs? For Real??? So for two weeks I have been doing 6 to 8 holds of 8 secs each... and last night I thought I would be able to re-test and make my max hold more like 30 seconds... Welp I couldn't. I was defeated and pissed off, everyone around me is sooo much stronger and making improvements... Why am I not improving?

Truth of the matter is I need to suck it up and use that as fuel and not as a reason to stop. I need to keep pushing myself. When I make excuses to not work out I need to make excuses why I NEED to work out... Take Ace face with me on a run, he needs the exercise too.. Take him out for a LONG walk... I need to work on making exercise fit into my daily life regardless if its not crazy cardio or throwing around heavy weights.

I saw this Ad on TV and its a great motivator...Sweat Everyday

Food For Thought

Breakfast was on the menu last night for dinner... For TWO reasons...

1. I never defrosted anything
2. I needed an easy dinner

 I made Pumpkin pancakes on Sunday and they were a major Fail... Too thin and not nearly full of enough flavor. So I wanted to make a fool proof recipe that was going to work. Check out my pumpkin pancakes in my recipe section they are BOMB ( mike hates when I say the word bomb).

I also made some easy peasy Sweet Potato Hash Browns which can also be found in my recipe section.

Yeah I know my plate of Pancakes look sad but hey Mike doesn't love me for my flap jack flipping ability
 and I NEVER worked at an Ihop... Hmm maybe this is why I haven't gotten a ring yet... anywho I did flip a few "pretty" ones and I made sure to give them to Mike...

I cut up all my pancakes like a child anyways, so basically I was just skipping a step!

What are your issues with working out?
Any suggestions on how to sweat everyday?
Are you crazy for anything Pumpkin this time of the year?


Monday, October 15, 2012

Diets Don't Work...

I have dieted for the greater part of my teen and adult life. I was anorexic ( in high school) and I cried and worried about my weight for a long time... I have Yo-Yo'ed and when I was the thinnest I was still never happy.

People ask me all the time, when I am going to stop eating Paleo... Paleo isn't a diet, it's a lifestyle change. I made the commitment to give up grains and eat a high protien diet and get my daily carbohydrate intake from nuts, fruits and veggies.
Does this mean I'll NEVER eat a piece of bread or a bowl of pasta ever again? No... but it does mean that I will most likely consume them in far smaller quantities. I get asked and teased when I don't eat Paleo. Truth of the matter is, if I want Ice Cream or a donut I can have it. I just try and limit that stuff as much as possible. When I eat clean I feel better. I simply can't trust myself to go back to how I ate before. I have more control now then I ever have and its easy to follow. When ever I want to build more muscle and cut fat I just eat strict and limit the cheats, paleo or not. If you want to be healthy then do it for yourself. At the end of the day your the one looking in the mirror and your the one who should like what they see....


So I am sure you noticed the Paleo Pup Tab, and the My Style Tab. I changed the look of my Paleo Pup tab to make it easier to check in on my Ace Face. You can read the new post on how training is going with my Ace Face.

I also created a My Style tab, I have lost a ton of weight and I am finding clothes and new combinations of outfits for any budget. So if your looking for some advice you have come to the right place. I am still in the process and putting it all together but be sure to check back for my Fashion and Style posts! 


BTW Have you made the Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies yet? I am telling you they are delicious... Make them tonight you will thank me tomorrow!!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sunday Funday and Football Fun!!!

A Cup full of DELICIOSNESS!!!

Sunday Funday was EXACTLY what today was. I slept in till the great time of 8:20am... Yep for a momma to a pup, that is sleeping in. The house was chilly and the we could see Ripley's breathe. We as a household decided to make Pumpkin Pancakes... They didn't come out that great so no recipe yet, but I am determined to make this work. So be on the look out.

After breakfast we watched Felix Baumgartner break the world record for skydiving and it was SUPER nerve racking.

After that we headed to Gillette so I could get a new jersey in the correct size. Gronk Smash!! Then we went to Red Robin and we indulged in an Octoberfest Milkshake and an Octoberfest Burger. You can tell that we LOVE October!!!

We then with full bellies went and shopped our butts off, I got some new earrings and a new sweater. Mike got some new jeans and it was what we needed. Then I came home and we all hung out and I make some yummy Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies...

These cookies are sooooooo good they don't taste Paleo... Must make more cookies....Check out their Recipe in my recipe Section.