Tuesday, April 30, 2013

5:30 Am Workout Number 1

So last night I turned in at 9:30, I made a yummy dinner of Wings and Sweet Potato Fries, then I made some Banana Bread with some ripe Bananas. I was ready for bed because I was going to try and get up for a 5:30 work out session.

Last night Mike got a call for work at  1 in the morning and so he was up at 1am and then had to get up again at 3 to finish his job. So of course Ace was confused and he was up and then passed out and then up and then passed out. He was all sorts of confused.

Oh Mom... I dont wanna get up yet.... Just 15 more mins
So anyways my alarm went off at 5:30 and I got up at 5:45 and did a quick 15 min workout.

Mom... Where are you going? Breakfast Time?

530 A.M. Five of Fifty WOD

10 TRX Squats and Push Press
1 Min Ring Hold
10 (increasing by 10 each round) Side Bends
10 Push Ups
* I repeated this for 5 rounds!

I must say that I feel a little sore and a little tired but all in all I am feeling GREAT!!! I feel like I can easily make some good nutritious choices now that I have already worked out for the day...

Lets see what tomorrow's Morning workout will consist of. My plan going forward is to loose a few more pounds and tone up a ton. I am kinda happy with how I look but I do want to get a bit better. I feel like I do well with paleo during the week and then on the weekend its game over. So I need to reel in how I eat most of the time and on days I make an exception I need to work out. And Hard!!!


Friday, April 26, 2013

Well Hello warm sunny breeze!

Finally here in New England the weather is shaping up and getting warm. While I love being a cozy bug in the winter and playing in the snow with Ace I enjoy the warm weather so much more. I am one of those girls who spends way too much getting ready just for my hair and make-up to melt off my face. Although I am embracing my makeup free face much more these days and so I think this summer may be different.

Anywho... With warm weather coming out I crave ice cream and ice pops. Did you know that I own an ice-pop maker? Yup Dan and Meg got it for us and I made ice pops one time... and that was it. But since going paleo I think it might be good to break that sucker out and make some easy peasy ice pops for the summer. Did you see the Vanilla bean ice pop recipe on Balanced Bites...OMG it looks so good. Imagine that dipped in chocolate? So yummy. So be on the lookout for some fresh treats and fun times.

Look at this goober... oh and Ace face too..

Life is still super crazy but its all good stuff! Mike and I are buying a house and it just dawned on me that uh we will be closing in less than 7 weeks... OMG when did I grow up?

Tonight is Burgers and sweet potato fries and I think I am going to make some deviled eggs.. I seriously love me my deviled eggs. I am going to try and get in a quick work out tonight...Gotta get into bikini season shape!!!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Don't Eat Meat!

I know a good amount of people that are vegans or vegetarians. Some for personal reasons and others because they don't like the taste of meat.

I do agree that a properly cooked chicken breast, pork chop or steak does make a difference. One thing I always revert back to when I started this blog was putting out fair opinions for people to read.

Well today it's all about meat. I have been reading lately that many of the media and personal dietitians are attacking meat. They say that red meat is by far the worst. They say that the high fat quantity is unsafe. Which makes me laugh because I see people preach low fat or no fat and then they reach for soy products (non digestible) and processed foods with manufactured sugars and sweeteners.

I came across this image on Facebook and I laughed. Some people will read this and go home and make pasta for dinner. Others will chow down on there Big Mac and move on.

So is meat bad for you? No protein is essential and while you can find proteins in other things than animal meats, animal meats are not harmful. Precisely well sourced animal protein from local farms are the best. Steer clear of pink slime and opt for a fresher local butcher that can tell you more about the proteins lifestyle.

What do you guys think?


Monday, April 22, 2013


I need to live by this... So for the next few months I am dedicating myself to breaking the habit and making some changes. One of those changes in making sure I work out at least 3 or 4 times a week, not because I have to but because I need to. I want to live a long and healthy life therefore I need to.

I need to follow this rule... I am happy with my junk food of all natural peanut butter and my coconut creamer in my coffee. Those are my vices and they are much better for me then what I used to eat!

I think over the last ten years I have changed for the better. I used to be very set in my ways and I have learned over the last few years how to bend and move and how to get along with people. I have been thinking lately about reaching out and making changes to relationships that I have had in the past that have fizzled or died out. I think I more responsive and handle criticism and change better and I hope I continue to grow and change for the better.

What are three things that have inspired you lately?


Sunday, April 21, 2013


This past week has been STRESSFUL. With all the crazy going on in Boston and then getting nervous for New York State Competition, signing papers and getting Stuff together for buying a house, and the list go's on and on. It's been nuts. This week I ate pretty Paleo but I did give in a little. I was stressed and I treated myself to ice-cream from Uhlmans, and indulge in a beer here and there.

Tomorrow I will hop on the scale and see where I am at. I still need to find a dress for the weddings that I am going to this year. Tomorrow I get back down stairs working out and going for runs and such. I need to get back into working out for my sanity and I need to get some normalcy back in my life.

Everything has been happening and changing so fast. I miss my crazy paleo concoctions and I miss feeling accomplished eating well and working out. I need to make it more of a priority and stop making excuses. So my plan is to find the things that have seemed to put on the back burner and make them important.

One thing I was reminded this past week!

Look forward to seeing more of my recipes and work outs! Tomorrow is a new day and come there will be a WOD or a Long walk, or a short run, or some sprints, or twirling. 


Monday, April 15, 2013

Roller Coaster of Emotions

I woke up today excited to watch the Marathon. I had plans to go into Boston, but those fell through once I learned that my friend didn't have the day off. Mike ended up working from home so it was a nice day at home  with the family with the Marathon on TV and a walk in the park later with the pup. 

This is where we stood two years ago when we had our impromptu Marathon Monday trip! this is the same area as the second blast that came late this afternoon.

I am thankful that I had a guardian angel looking over me and my friend. Since we weren't in the city we made it through the day somewhat un-scathed. Although I am having a hard time turning it off and thinking of daily life. I am angry that someone or something can ruin such a great day! A fun day out in the gorgeous weather after our brutal New England winter and we are counting injuries and deaths? It makes me sick.

I feel like it's a nightmare, although I know when I wake up tomorrow morning it won't just all go away.

Tonight Mike looked at me and said I am really glad you  didn't go into Boston! He is a sweetie and cuddling with him and Ace was the perfect ending to this roller coaster ride.

If I can just say one thing...

----Live each day like it's your last because you never know what could happen. Treat everyone around you, loved ones, strangers, and friends like you would want to be treated, you never know what may be going on in someones life so always show compassion. Let the little things fall and stand up for all that you love. Always give your loved ones and great big hug and kiss just in case.----

I moved up to the Boston area and Mike and I are buying a house so we are pretty much settling down a long way from my friends and family and I have never felt so close to my friends and family than I did today. I recieved FB messages and texts and phone calls from so many people just checking in, and it means so much to me. I am one lucky girl to have so many people care for me! I love you all..


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Megan's Shower!!!

Hey Guys. So my weekend has been packed to the max and this weekend was the kickoff to  Bridal Shower season. I have three showers back to back weekends.

The first one up is Meg and Dan's Shower!!!
The tables that Momma Martin designed! So beautiful!

Bride Swag!!! Gotta love it!

SOOO Much Food and Booze!

Paleo Banana Choc. Chip mini muffins and Non Paleo Blueberry Mini Muffins.
The Paleo muffins were better and my to be father in law loved them! Healthy does taste good!

Orange Juice and Cranberry Mimosas :)

Home Made Edible Arrangements a la Me-Amanda-and Momma Martin :) 

My Famous Paleo Deviled Eggs :) MmM perfect 

Front Left is Karina's Sweet Potato Sausage Hash (PALEO) next to Yummy Ham, with pancakes in the back left and french toast cassarole...

Scrambled Eggs, Bacon, Potatoes and more French Toast Cassarole!
It wasn't ALL Paleo but it was ALL GOOD! 

The Creators! All this work and we did it as a team !

Truth is I love throwing parties so this was a lot of fun. Momma Martin was a little stressed but we made it through and it was a beautiful Shower! 


Now its time for bed I am pooped... Marathon Monday tomorrow YAY!!!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Boring Foods

Hey so today I stayed home from work and worked from home in my pjs. My eats have been boring lately I have no taste buds and no appetite. Today I made Blueberry and Banana Pancakes and they were tasty but I was just kind of over it.

Easy Peasy Blueberry Banana Pancakes
1 Ripe Banana
Handful of Blueberries
1 Egg

Mash the banana so that way it is mashed to a thick consistency.
Then add in the egg and mix well
Melt some butter in a skillet and add in your pancake.
Sprinkle in some blueberries.
Cook Low and slow on one side then flip.
Plate it up and add extra butter and serve.

These are my favorite Pancakes the Coconut cream is the best!!!

I am very much over tea at the moment. I have been drinking mug after mug to soothe my throat and I am just kinda sick of drinking tea. I have started to drink water and now between the tea and water I am peeing every two mins. Not really but it feels like it.

Anywho, So our home inspection was last night and we are waiting for the results tonight. I hope it comes back good and that if we want a few things fixed they will be fixed.

Currently I am finishing up some work and simultaneously cooking a roast in the oven I hope it comes out well... Although I think I will be having some chicken soup for dinner to soothe my throat.


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Paleo Challenge Update

So I CANT believe that I am doing this but hopefully it will keep from getting back there...

This was my starting weight for the Paleo Challenge and I can report that in ONE week I am already down 7 pounds I weighed myself yesterday morning and I am at 200lbs. Which is GREAT. I feel a little lighter and my digestion is much better. I haven't been sick in a while which means that Paleo works, at least for me.

I have been doing the Paleo Challenge and I have been doing quite well and I am sure some added stress and a COLD that is rampaging my body has helped me loose a little weight.

I still need to get back into shape and get back into the rhythm of working out. Every time I get home I just want to collapse on the couch and since I have a busy weekend ahead of me I am listening to my body and taking a break from the gym and just trying to get better...

That being said I am making some goals for myself for the Week.

Work Out Goals for the Week!
2 TRX Workouts
1 Run or long walk with Ace.

Thats it short and sweet I will add more goals as I go... Oh and I NEED to start getting up at 5:30am in the morning and get moving so that is my goal. 5:30 am wakeups for Wed, Thurs, and Fri... Lets see whatI complete!


Saturday, April 6, 2013

Food Recap

Hey Guys I know that I have been missing in action, But life has really just gotten in the way. I am trying to better maintain my health and fitness and everything but some major life changes have occurred. More on that later....

For now, what have I been eating? Well meals have been out of necessity and simply whatever I can come up with to get food on the table and fast.

This was a GREAT dinner. I bought some super yummy ground beef on sale and I just sauteed it up in some olive oil and some sauteed onions and such. Then I threw in some steamed vegetables and made my own Asian sauce. This was super yummy and I wish I had a bowl of this right now. 

This was another winning meal. Steak on sale of course and some roasted asparagus and some sweet potatoes steak fries. This was and awesome dinner! So Good!!!

We are doing a Paleo Challenge in the house. So I am trying to be strict Paleo to loose some body fat and weight. I have been eating decent for the last year but there are times when I fall off the wagon for sure, and I am just looking to get to a bit healthier and I want to jump start the bikini body for summer. So I NEED to get back to the daily work outs as well... While I haven't been working out the last few weeks I have been twirling so that is good. I have been busy working on that.

There is so much more news to come but your going to have to wait on that one!!!


Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Hey All,

Sorry I have been Missing in Action... Life has gotten pretty busy over here and I for sure miss you guys. Between Mikes birthday and twirling and some pretty big news life has gotten out of order. I am trying my best to get it back in action.

So onto my Big news....

Mike and I are buying our first house!

 We got pre-approved and have started looking at houses. While we are terrified and freaking out daily we know that its the right time for us. So I am going to have to start working out at the crack of dawn and seeing houses after work. It's going to be crazy.

Lately we have been throwing together dinners so nothing too spectacular in the food dept. However we started a Paleo Challenge for the month of April yesterday and so we will see how we come out in the end.

Stay tuned for a more in depth recap of life and how the Paleo Challenge is going!