Thursday, July 25, 2013

Back In Action

Hey All,

So lets just do a quick update and refresh via Pictures...

Mike and I bought our FIRST House

Dan and Meg had there last fling at the Bach/ Bachelorrette Parties

Dan and Meg Got Married

We went Camping in RI

Our Friends Jimmy and Erica got Married

I went to Ohio to compete in the TU National Competition and came home a winner!

Mike went to Germany to Set Up a Data Center from the ground up!

And Finally Here we are...

Ace is adjusting to his new home quite well and misses me talking about him on my blog so Ace's page will be getting updated more frequently and we will see more of this playful pup.... He loves his freedom and his back yard and does a great job of protecting it from lawnmowers, toys, and squirrels.

Our house is finally taking shape, we bought a house and then spent every waking moment away from it. Great Plan.... Our life has just gotten so crazy that we kind of got a little too busy for life and so now we are finally digging in and getting comfy in our new house... Paint is going up... Locks are changed, things are moving!!!

Finally Food for thought! Paleo has kind of fallen out of our life. With everything going on in our life we haven't had time to grocery shop and cook, and honestly when i had all of the best intentions I would just end up throwing away produce and food. So life has kind of gone to convenience and lets just say I have never felt so bloated and gassy and uncomfortable... So Mike and I are getting back on track and will be going back to the traditional meat and veggies, my belly just can't take much more. Oh and Rumor has it I may just be going back to Crossfit!

There is a new box opening near my house and I need to kick start my workouts again so for the end of the summer and such I am going to get back into the gym and wake those muscles up... I miss my biceps and quads.

I miss my eggs and Bacon, and paleo pancakes, and feeling FANTASTIC...