Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Motivational Quote

"Success is not the key to happiness, Happiness is the key to success. Do what you love; success will follow"

--David McGillivray

I read this on CarrotsNCake this morning and it really had an affect on me. I am a worry wart by nature and so unfortunately that lends me to struggle with finding happiness. Oddly enough I spend most of my day building people up and encouraging them that they are doing a great job and re-assuring them that I love them and care for them. 

I often beat myself up and I don't give myself enough credit sometimes. I am working on it though... So this morning when I read this quote I thought, "Yep that is totally true" I need to remember that every single day. 

Honestly how can you be successful when your not happy? So this made me think of what I truly love and how it can bring me success... 

Twirling makes me happy and completely reduces my stress level. I can totally forget the problems I have and just put all my energy into it. It also forces me to care about my weight because I have to put on tights and leotards and so it helps me stay in track with diet...

Ace makes me happy, I can be crying and angry and cuddling with this lil guy just makes my mood so much better. Which reminds me how dumb the little things can be and to just let them roll off my back. I also know that I can be a great puppy mom while still be strict and have a well behaved disciplined pup!

MICHEAL!! He is my best friend and him and I have succeeded on so many great projects so far, graduating colleges, moving out on our own, raising a terrific pup, Buying our first house! We have truly succeeded in everything we have worked together on and I am so excited to accomplish even more!

So be happy and success will come!!! We took Ace for a walk around the neighborhood last night and he loved it. He passed right out after dinner!!!


Monday, October 21, 2013

Getting In Groove

Tonight, when I get home I am running upstairs changing into workout gear and leashing Ace up and we are heading out for little jogging/walking in our neighborhood. My mind is full of craziness so I need to unleash some stress and get in a good workout.

Tonight for dinner I think we will just eat some leftovers and keep it easy. I hate seeing food go to waste. I also plan on making a meal plan for the week and then doing my shopping. I have a big Halloween party this Saturday that I am so excited for!!! I can't wait to have everyone over and just act like young kids and have a blast...

Wanna see what's been going on in my world... Here is a Photo recap!

Cards Against Humanity!!! You MUST play it's FABTABULOUS!!! I won by the way!!!

I am all READY for Halloween and Trick or Treaters!!! I can't wait!!!

My House looks quite awesome! Day or Night!!!

Whats Shaking with you guys?


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Back on Track

I decided today that I need to stop making excuses and just get in the game. I feel like I am getting a bit fluffy so my plan is to get rid of it rather then pack anymore on. I am struggling with some frustrations at work and so instead of trying to race my way to the bottom of a bottle I need to exhaust my stress away. So I am getting back on the work-out train... Going to make Ace my work out puppy and shed the extra fluff and tone up this awesome bod... Going to be back on my strict diet before you know it!
That said lets recap a few of my favorite things lately...
If you love Football you NEED to watch this program it was insightful and honest... I am not saying that Football needs to go away because I'd be the first to cry but I am saying that there are ways to make it safer and keep it fun without ruining people's lives...

Mike's Favorite Mexican Cassarole... I have been making this once a week and Mike loves it... Its kinda like a cheat but still pretty healthy and definitely fills our mexican craving... look for a recipe soon... I also have a bunch rolling around in my head so stay tuned... I will try and post at least one new recipe a week!

How awesome are these babies, we had a housewarming and Lindsay came to visit and she brought me these they are Sam Adams candle holders from real beer bottles how fun!!! Thanks Lindz and Scott!!

How are things going on your end of the blogosphere... What are you missing from my end of the computer?